Seasonal fruits and vegetables in September

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in September

Do you know what is in season in September? I know, I know, we are nearing the end of September, and did have this post in my drafts folder for a while and just getting it finalised now. What can I say, I blame the busy mum life.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in September Seasonal fruits and vegetables in September

So I cannot believe it is the 9th month of the year already and it’s a month of colourful fruit and vegetables believe it or not. As we near the end of Summer (officially Autumn now), we need to stock up on our vitamins and minerals to ward off those nasty flu bugs. Not situating yourself next to those with coughing fits on a packed train would also help keep bugs at bay.

The supermarkets are stocked full of healthy food from tomatoes to all kinds of fruits and chillies:) Apples are a fruit that we see plenty of right now. Have you been Apple picking? Where are your favourite farms for fruit picking? So with an abundance of apples, you know what that means right? Plenty of apple crumble and apple type desserts:) My favourite is my apple and cinnamon loaf coupled with creme fraiche or soya cream. Here’s a link to my recipe. It is a definite pick me up Autumn treat that is a must have.

So what is in season in September? I have made a list for you all so keep reading.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in September


My favourite are the Grammy Smith green apples. I use apples a lot in cakes, muffins and also in oat flapjacks. I like making apple sauce also and it is  a great compliment to most desserts when sweetened with some cinnamon and nutmeg.


If you’re a gardener, make sure you pick all your tomatoes before the freeze.

I love a good old tomato and pepper soup. Sourdough with butter make a great dipping tool. An Autumn must have, second after pumpkin soup of course which is my ultimate favourite go to Autumn pick me up food, the perfect hug in a mug and comfort food.


These are one of my favourite fruits because they come in three different colours and can include them in so many different dishes. I bet you haven’t tried them with feta cheese and nuts. The best mid-day snack.  The black ones are my favourite, although they are often loaded with pips which can be annoying when you want to just pick and munch. They are also great for breakfast with some  yoghurt and oats in the mornings with a drizzle of honey. Plenty of ideas here, so go stock up your fridge with bunches of green, red and black grapes.

Green beans

I just love this vegetable as they can be added to pretty much any meal. My favourite are the sugar snaps and French Haricots Verte beans. I make my own side of greens at home, mixing some butter and salt and pepper with the beans on low heat for 5 minutes.


I use figs to make fig jams or incorporate them in cakes. I don’t put sugar in my homemade jams, just a little agave syrup or honey to sweeten it up.


Another winner with me. At our household, we make Baba Ganoush (smoked aubergine with tahini, garlic and lemon) a lot to go with meats, vegetables and bread which is my favourite when the bread is warm just out if the oven! They also go great when stir fried with some miso sauce as a side vegetable option.

What’s are your favourite vegetables and fruits?


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