Investing in yourself is powerful

Investing in yourself is powerful and probably sounds a tad selfish at first but when you think about it properly, there is nothing more important than investing in yourself. Putting yourself first and ensuring you are doing things for you first will only help you in the long run and actually might financially work out better for you. For example, don’t just join a gym because it is the current trend if you hate working out in gyms and will not participate in the classes (that is definitely me). So joining a yoga class or taking swimming lessons or dance classes will actually save you more money in the long run.

Here are a list of a few things you can do to invest in yourself.

1- Invest in your passion

It may be costly at first but if you consider the long term benefits to your career, the initial investment will pay off. For example with blogging, get yourself a good camera, pay for a good website developer and start collaborating with brands and buying the products and eventually you will get paid for posts and whatever money you make, put that back into your blog to improve it. It will pay off. Or if there is an expensive course that you think will benefit you in the long run in terms of your career, go for it, tighten up your expenses in other areas. Investing in your passion will pay off.

2- Memberships and subscriptions

If you like working out, get yourself a gym membership and shop around for the best deals. Virgin Active do corporate discounts which used to take advantage of and offer other various deals. If cooking is your thing, sign up to cooking classes and show off your skills to your friends and host dinners. Subscriptions are the current trend right now. If you like listening to music, get yourself onto spotify. It is £9.99 a month and you can download pretty much all kinds of music. Amazon Prime is another good one, and gives you discounts on delivery. If you are an Amazon addict, then this is definitely worth investing in. You can also save money on TV and music download.

3- Invest in your appearance and looks

This which really pay off! Get regular hair trims, it will save you spending money on expensive hair masks and hair extensions in the future if you neglect the condition of your hair. Get yourself booked for regular dental checks. I go to my local dentist but The Smile Pod is a great place and there are a few dotted around London.

4- Travel

Increasing the number of stamps in your passport will really take you places! Being more knowledgeable on the different cultures will increase your understanding more on people and life in general. I overheard a conversation on the tube between a group of friends who didn’t know where in the world Tunisia is. To me that is shocking! Explore different countries you have never been to yet, dive into the culture, go to local places and the back streets and stay clear of the ‘touristic’ type places to get a real cultural experience.

5- Buy what you love

There is no point in going to work, making money and spending it on things that don’t bring you passion or make you happy. So spend money on the things you love!

How do you invest in yourself?


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