How to have a positive mindset

How to have a positive mindset

How to have a positive mindset is a skill that doesn’t come easy and takes a lot of practice and remembering.

How to have a positive mind set

We all go through experiences that get us down which can lead to a negative mindset and this can happen to all of us from time to time. I mean we are humans at the end if the day and cannot be positive 100 percent of the time right?

The skill of turning something bad/negative into a positive situation is something I have learned over the years. It requires a change in mindset to turn a negative thought into a positive one.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean by ”how to have a positive mindset”:

1- Damn I have no job  becomes… I have time to think about my career, I have more time to myself and I can learn how to budget more wisely now.

2- I’ve missed my train and have to wait five minutes for the other one becomes... People usually turn up late so actually it is better for me not to wait around in the cold for my friends alone

3-Dinner date has been cancelled becomes… I can cook something at home and catch up on my emails and to my do list.

4-It’s too cold in London and I hate this weather becomes… Now I can invest in some cool thermals and a wooly hat and enjoy more hot chocolates by the fire. Beating the cold with layering up always does the trick for me.

5- This traffic is so bad today becomes… This is a great opportunity for me to gather my thoughts and think about  tomorrows daily plan.

You get the idea right? The way we react to a situation is always up to us. Yes sure sometimes things are beyond our control but generally we control how we feel and how we react.

I will leave you with one final thought of:

“Rule your mind before it rules you”.

How do you change your mind set?


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