How to do a no spend month

Having a no spend month to add weight to my bank balance was definitely a challenging. I always see and hear people live a minimalist lifestyle and think how do you live your life like that? I reckon it is all about having the right mindset. Living so you spend within your means and only on necessity is a great way to save the pounds and it teaches you to be selective putting a stopper on impulse buying giving you a healthier bank account. It also teaches us to be content with what you have and to enjoy it which I think many of us do not practice or even acknowledge.

I’m always not far off a minus bank balance, so wanted to try this out for a month to see how much I could save and if I could actually succeed at this. This challenge showed me the meaning of contentment and allowed me to be grateful for what I have.

So between March 13th to April 13th, I did exactly that, I changed my mindset into saving mode and just got on with it. Here is how I did it.

My ‘no spend rules’ as follows.

What I can buy/spend on:

  • Travel costs (can’t get around that )
  • Direct debits already set up, ie phone bill
  • Food shopping (no snacks on the go-my biggest spend)
  • Lunch or dinner out once a week only

What I banned myself from spending on:

  • Clothes/shoes/accessories including online shopping
  • Food/snacks on the go (one latte on the go a week allowed only)
  • Paid events/concerts/movies
  • Hair products/make-up

The results? Definitely a healthier bank account (the exact amount I saved are for my eyes only. This took sheer hard work and effort I have to say. I love snacking on the go (especially dark chocolate, and lattes) and online shopping is my favourite pass time activity. I’m not a big spender on designer clothes. For two reasons: 1- can’t afford to splash out like I used to and 2- I would rather put that money towards a nice holiday or use it when I’m out and about. My designer gear have lasted years and the volume hasn’t really increased much so I am quite proud of myself for that.

During this period, I learned how to master self-discipline. Being able to say no to myself and others was a challenge. Now that Summer is approaching, I’m not sure I can be that self disciplined but I may restrict myself to a no spend week and see how I go with that.

Have I convinced any of you to try this? It’s a great way to save the pennies and on reflection, you can see how much you have saved which gives you a great sense of satisfaction by the end of it all, (just don’t buy a designer bag to reward yourself).

Give it a try. Maybe start with a one week ‘no spend’ if you are a big spender and work your way up to a month.


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