5 Minutes With Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum

5 Minutes With Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum

In my books, she takes the title; business woman of the year, Honest Mum- the writer, the blogger, the vlogger, the film maker and the mumboss. She has quite a great title going on there.

Business woman of the year, Honest Mum-SarahsLifestyleDiaryBusiness woman of the year, Honest Mum-SarahsLifestyleDiaryBusiness woman of the year, Honest Mum-SarahsLifestyleDiary

I got the opportunity to meet this entrepreneur many years ago and more recently again at the Creative Women event which she co-hosted with Maggy, the founder of Redtedart. I have seen Vicki grow and grow over the years and have to say that she is one of the most genuine bloggers that I have met in my years of blogging. She doesn’t let her success get the better of her and she is always there to give you advice and tips. Thanks Vicki for your advice and support.

I will kick off with a little introduction….

Vicki is the founder of leading lifestyle and parenting blog Honest Mum  where she writes about her loves spanning family-life, food, fashion, film, travel and beauty. Please do have a nose around on her blog, it will inspire you and motivate you to do bigger and better things. Her debut book MUMBOSS-How to Survive and Thrive at Work and at Home published by Piatkus is out on May 3rd. You can preorder it here.

May I add, she is one kick ass of a mother too. Have you all got your Mothers Day gift sorted? Here is a little helper.

My 5 questions with Honest Mum aka Vicki Psarias

1- Who inspires you the most?

My Mum, Vasoulla who is a former University Lecturer and the most selfless and intelligent woman I know. My Dad for his generosity and endless positivity. Oprah, Marie Forleo and my good friend Harriet Thorpe are others whom endlessly inspire me.

2-Give me 3 musts you do everyday.

Kiss my kids and husband. Eat nourishing food, walk lots and write. That’s 4, I’m greedy :).

3-What’s the best method of getting brands to contact you for work. Does a high social media following really matter?

Quality is king. From there comes everything, following, stats, engagement etc. Let passion lead you and always be honest. Integrity is everything. Equally, always over-deliver when you work with brands and think out of the box, brands want to work with your because your voice is your unique selling point

4-What are you most passionate about, in order: your book writing, TV, blogging/vlogging.

That’s like choosing a favourite child so is impossible. As long as I’m being creative, be it writing, filmmaking or painting, I’m happy.

5- Three words your kids would use to describe you.

I just asked Oliver, 8, and his answer was, ‘Kind, funny and positive’. What a dude! Touched!

Awww and she has the most adorable kids.

There you have it, my 5 minutes with the MUMBOSS herself. Go check her site, buy her kickass book and get inspired.

Here is to many more wonderful meet ups, let us inspire one another.




    • admin
      March 7, 2018 / 11:12 pm

      It was a pleasure:) And glad and blessed to meet wonderful people like you.

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