Blocking people on social media, what is the point?

Blocking people on social media, what is the point?

Blocking people on social media is a powerful tool but should people use it?

What is the psychological strain behind blocking someone on social media? 

I look back to 10 years ago when messenger was around, when WhatsApp and Facebook didn’t exist, and the idea of ”blocking” was unheard of and seeing how much social media has impacted our lives, our choices and our actions. Now, people are blocking left, right and centre and for what reason exactly?

Blocking someone doesn’t stop them from knowing you’ve blocked them and in actual fact it only makes the hatred they have for you even more obvious to you. It actually escalated the social conflicts between the two parties involved. Unless of course, you don’t want the person to have any future contact with you or want them to see your status or profile picture. I have been there, I must admit.

Let’s take a look at what blocking does.

I see 2 main reasons:

1- It prevents the person who can potentially harm you from contacting you or commenting on your social network site. So for example if you have a stalker whom you don’t to be able to contact you, or if you are selling a product and a customer writes a bad review, you can block them to protect your advertising.

2- On the other hand, blocking gives that person a sense of control as if they are the one doing the “break up” or it’s their way of “winning” and feel powerless unless they block you.

If it’s the latter then frankly it’s a very immature approach, don’t you agree? 9/10 times the other person doesn’t react and couldn’t care less so why do it? They only think less of you now.

The brain takes a rollercoaster of emotions and social media only enhances that. This is where self-consciousness comes from. You see other people having a good time on FB and feel the need to also “show off”.  The same goes for anxiety. When personal relationships turn sour, people get blocked. The person blocking doesn’t generally have the best reason for blocking and is done out of spite.

Let’s talk about the brain.

The temporal lobe contains the limbic system where the amygdala and hippocampus are located. Both these are responsible for the function and processing of emotions. When a person blocks another from social media, these two parts of the brain are triggered beforehand. Now maturity is passed down through generations through nurture rather than nature. Nurture is acquired over time, every heard of people saying “ oh God, you act just like your mother”?  So in the sense of blocking someone on Facebook or WhatsApp or any other social media channel, it is for an emotional reason, so they should emotionally bulk up and get over it. There is no real need for blocking unless it is for the first reason I mentioned above or if you really do not want the person to contact you.

Here is a quick guide to check if you have been blocked on WhatsApp:

Guide to check if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

1- You cannot see their profile picture

2-You cannot see their last seen status (and you previously could)

3-You cannot make voice calls to them

4-Your messages only show with one single grey tick only

5-Try setting up a group and adding that contact, if they have blocked you, you will not be able to add them. (If this occurs you can be certain that they have).


What are your thoughts on blocking on social media? Have you ever been a victim? Friends? Families? Your boss? I want to know about it. Drop me a line below.


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