Monday Madness at My Old Dutch

Monday Madness at My Old Dutch

If you are after some seriously good pancakes as a savoury or sweet dish, then head to My Old Dutch, only the best pancakes in London. They have a few dotted around London; High Holborn, Kings Road and Kensington High Street which is where I visited.

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You have seen the pictures now, are you ready to have the best pancakes in London? Of course you are.

A lot of pancake places do not offer gluten-free pancakes, which I find shocking with the increasing numbers of intolerant people to gluten these days but My Old Dutch do offer this as an option. However, having said that, be warned the pancakes are a little thick and harder to cut through but that is a given if you are using gluten-free flour. It wasn’t my favourite gluten-free pancake if I am honest, but the normal ones are pretty darn good.

We started off the evening with some smoothies, the berry delight was pretty refreshing made with strawberries and raspberries, banana and apple. An injection of antioxidant to kick start the dinner. The tropical smoothie was made with pineapple, mangos, melon and bananas. I do love bananas with their gut health properties. Have a snoop at my amazing banana bread recipe here. They are perfect with a latte especially on a rainy day.

For the main, the seafood option was really good option which came with tuna, prawns, olives and an option of capers if you fancy. You can substitute the cheese with whatever you fancy. I asked for some feta cheese mixed with the cheddar and they were happy to do this for me.

Option two was the asparagus with mushrooms which was another good choice. They have a pretty varied choice: from chicken curry which is made with rice and mango chutney sauce , lamb stew made with lamb, peas and carrots (sounds incredible right?) to the basic four cheese options for those cheese lovers.

The sweet option was what I was looking forward to. A banana, Nutella and nut pancake with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream was the perfect way to end a dinner.

Every Monday, they offer Monday Madness pancake day with all pancakes priced at £5.95. A pretty good bargain I reckon. It makes a great option for dinner with the family and the pancakes are huge and so even work as a sharing option. Let’s face it, kids probably won’t finish a whole one.

Who’s with me on my next Monday Madness Pancake Day? Get in touch. Trust me, they are flipping amazing, you won’t be disappointed.


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