5 things to start doing this Spring

5 things to start doing this Spring

A good ”Spring clean” is always needed every now and again so I am about to give you my 5 things to start doing this Spring. Give your mind a good ‘clean”, evaluate how you do certain things, see what you can do to improve your life and above all be happy because that is the first and foremost important thing in life. Don’t you agree?

I can not believe that it is Spring already. We enter this season with rain and wind. Not really how I want the rest of Spring to go but hey that is London’s weather for you.

So I am kicking off with my 5 things to start doing this Spring.

5 things to start doing this Spring

1-Ignore what others are thinking

Don’t base your decisions on what others may think of you or do what others are doing. Everyone has come from a different upbringing, everyone has a different circumstance and everyone has  different priorities. Look at what works for you, think about what you want, what will you gain out of it, what will you lose and take the ”everyone else” factor out of it.

2- Value your friendships

Quality over quantity. Tell them you love them, make them feel appreciated. You never know when you might need their help in something or need a shoulder to cry on. Your true friends will always be there  for you no matter what and will always have your back, so value the ones you have. The other day my friend was feeling down and wanted a chat, so I went over with her favourite lemon and almond cake for a natter and she was so grateful that I cancelled my plans to check up on her.

3-Start saying Thank You

The magical two words that should be said everyday. Get into the habit of thinking of two things that you are grateful for in the day, write them down or say them out loud. You will be rewarded. I always think of two things that I am grateful for and look back and smile at them. I write a weekly What Made Me Smile post. Do stop by and read these.

4-Focus on something you want to improve in your life

That could be your health so buying a healthy eating book, watching videos, maybe you want to progress at work, so get yourself organised and make a plan. How are you going to impress the boss? Or it could simply be that you want to improve on your saving skills. Look up the 6 jar method and start saving now. A little goes a long way. This is something I have started to look into. Life in London is not cheap, no kidding! Check out my previous post on how to save your pennies.

5-Get out of your comfort zone

Do something that isn’t the norm for you. It could be something like trying out rock climbing, reading up about your culture or gaining knowledge on another culture you are interested in, or wearing a funky pair of boots that isn’t usually your style. The other day, I put my hand up in a group talk and gave my view on something. I am someone that lacks a bit of confidence sometimes (although my friends would say otherwise), so for me this was coming out of my comfort zone and actually it felt quite good and the advice and information I gave was very much appreciated by the audience.

Who agrees with me on these points? What have you been doing that is different lately? Please do tell and share.


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