5 simple ways to save money

5 simple ways to save money

Saving money? Does that even exist in my vocabulary? Well it does now, and I have started to take on board some useful tips that I have come across and want to share with you 5 simple ways to save money. I have done a previous post on parental saving tips so do have a read also.

The hardest part I find with saving money is the getting started stage. No matter how rich or how poor you may be, you still should save for a rainy day. It is a great skill to acquire and mind you a very difficult one, so if you have mastered this one, then you deserve a pat on the back. Everyone can save, its knowing how to. I will do a follow up post on a trick that I recently have come across. So stay tuned. For now, have a read on my quick 5 simple ways to save money. I also did an earlier post on parental tips on saving which you can have a read.

1- Look out for deals

There are always deals about, so keep your eyes open. When you pop into the supermarket for example, look out for the ”2 for 3 offers” and buy one get one half price deals. Additionally, a lot of supermarket now do reward/point cards which you can use towards your shopping which can be a great saving tool for you. Trust me the pounds do add up.

2-Only buy what you need

Whats that saying…”you can only sit on one chair” or ”you can only eat from one plate”. It is something along those lines anyway. But are you with me? There is no need to buy two dresses if you went out to get ”a” dress for your birthday, there is no need to buy 5 phone covers when really you can only use one at a time and there is no need to buy twice as many vegetables than what you need because they have an expiry date. There is only so much you can eat in a day. You get my drift?

3-Have a Spring clean

Give yourself half a day to sort out your items around the house or maybe longer if you are as slow as me and get rid of items you don’t wear/use anymore by selling them. Have you heard of this saying : ”one persons junk is another persons treasure”? Be it books, clothes even old burned out candles in their cases. You will be surprised who would actually buy this sort of stuff.

4-Your heating

When it is cold and you need to turn the boiler on, the obvious thing to do would be to shut all the windows first right? But you will be surprised how many of us don’t actually do this. I am hopeful that we will be seeing more sunshine now and will not need the heating. So remember heat does escape through windows and doors being left open.

5-Book your holidays well in advance

This is pretty obvious though right? If you are a spontaneous type of person in general then you may need to train yourself a little here. I understand that it is hard to plan holidays in advance, but trust me, getting organised and planning a holiday three months ahead as opposed to three weeks in advance could save you twice your plane ticket.

What are your money saving tips? I would love to hear about them.


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