10 things you should do everyday

10 things you should do everyday

Aside form your normal routine of wash face, brush teeth and get dressed, there are a few things I try to include into my daily routine. This is my list of 10 things you should do everyday.

10 things you should do everyday

10 Things you should do everyday

  1. Exercise

Now we can’t all do a full on exercise everyday with our busy routines, but I do include walking as exercise. I would say even hoovering is an exercise that burns calories. Not only is it healthy for you but it also makes you happier, improves sleep, the list is endless. Try and include a brisk 10 minute walk everyday into your daily routine.

     2. Acknowledge gratitude

I talk about this in my weekly What Made Me Smile posts the importance of expressing gratitude. With acknowledging gratitude, you will feel better within yourself, positive things will start to come your way and it will make you a better person. Be thankful always for whatever is in your life and what is yet to come.

    3. Write a to do list

I always find it helps when I am overwhelmed with daily tasks and do not know where to start. Being a mum, I find that I am always busy on a daily basis and writing down the tasks does help me plan my days. Plus it always feels good when you can tick off the completed tasks which makes you more motivated.

    4. Challenge yourself

Read up on something you want to know more about, or even reading the daily news can count. Make a conscious effort to learn something new everyday.

   5. Give someone a hug

Sometimes it is you that wants a hug, but if you give a hug, someone will return that hug, I promise you.

6. Spend time with loved ones

This can be family or friends. It can be a coffee, a lunch or even a quick hello. Make sure you take time out of your life to be with someone else. Even the busiest of people have 5 minutes in a day to do this. Loneliness, believe it or not can have detrimental effects on ones health with depression being one of them.

7. Tidy something in your house

We all make a mess, but I spend 5 minutes a day clearing something up, be it tidy up a draw, hoover my room, organise my letters. Just pick a task and do it for 5 minutes. I like to do just 5-10 minutes a day because I certainly don’t have the time to block out hours in my day for a tidy up.

8. Eat breakfast

I don’t understand people that skip breakfast. For me, this is the most important meal of the day. Make yourself a porridge/granola with yoghurt, something that allows for slow release of energy throughout the day to keep your sugar levels steady. I am obsessed with energy balls right now, I make my own using ground almonds, a mix of lots of seeds, agave syrup, cacao/spirulina and butter. My favourite butter is the Vitalite butter, which happens to be a dairy-free one (not that I am on a dairy-free diet, I love my cheese too much for that) but it tastes good and prefer it to normal margarine when I use to make my protein balls and home-made granola. Using coconut oil is also a good option.

9. Take 5 deep breaths of air and breath out

This helps me relax even if its just taking out 2 minutes in a day. It can also help combat stress in your life. We all get too caught up in our daily tasks that we forget to just breathe. I would make sure you are outside so you get to breath in some fresh air. Having said that, those living in the countryside probably can get more ”fresh and clean” air than we do in London.

10. Put on an eye cream

This is a daily must for me. I take a tiny bit and massage on the under area of both my eyes for 30 seconds in the morning. Daily pollution, the sunshine, what you eat and various other factors all contribute to dehydrated and ageing skin around the eyes. Be sure to drink plenty of water and apply a sun factor cream everyday.

What eye creams are you using? I am always on the look for new ones. I am currently using an Estee Lauder one.

What are your daily 10 musts? Do tell and share.




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    So useful tips! Well written post! I love your blog! Keep up the great work!

    • admin
      November 8, 2017 / 9:49 pm

      Thanks for that:)

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