10 random piece of advice

10 random piece of advice
One day last week, I sat in my car thinking what piece of advice would I give myself. I came up with quite a few and thought I would share these with you. So read on for my 10 random piece of advice and let me know what you think below.

10 random piece of advice


It’s ok to eat a cookie, don’t feel guilty, just eat healthy tomorrow. At the end of a day, it’s all about a balanced diet.


Validate the next person you speak to. We all need to hear kind words every now and again, you could be making someones day by just acknowledging their presence or making them feel appreciated.

3. Remove your make-up before bedtime

Take off your make-up before bed! I am guilty of not doing this every night but trust me, you will notice the difference of your skin if you stick with this routine. Make-up clogs your pores if left on and in turn can cause break outs, so invest in a good make-up remover and get into the habit of cleansing your face at night time. I recommend the Decleor 3 in 1 face wash, which is amazing.

 4. Get rid of grudges.

Forgive someone that recently upset you. Holding grudges are a waste of energy and time. Release that negative energy and open your heart to forgiveness.

 5. Make new friends

Don’t hang out with cliques, get out of your comfort zone and mingle with all kinds of people whether at work, or at social settings.

 6. Listen and live in the moment

Engage when people are talking to you and stop thinking about what you want to say or worse about something completely different. Listen to what they have to say, a lending ear goes a long way.

7. Find your happy place

Find your happy place and go there as often as possible. Mine is Italy, I love this city.

8. Be grateful

Say two things that you are grateful for before bedtime. It helps you close the day and go to sleep with a lighter heart. Tune into my weekly What Made Me Smile posts based around gratitude.

9. Healthy eating

Eat dark chocolate and a handful of nuts everyday. The benefits are amazing to your skin, hair, nails and for weight control. Tried and tested.

10. Money doesn’t buy class nor happiness

There are some incredibly dumb people in this world that have money and at the same time a lot of people with money and fancy titles that are incredibly good people. You can be trashy as hell, have the most fake friends just because money gives you the kind of lifestyle to have these sorts of friends and not be happy. Money doesn’t define you, it comes and goes. Be a good person, kind hearted and remember your roots. Those that were ”jenny from the block” who think they are way above you because they now have money (or someone else’s money) are not and will never be a true friend.

What pieces of advice do you have to offer?


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