Top 5 tips for mums during the Easter Spring break

Top 5 tips for mums during the Easter Spring break

My 5 top tips for mums during the Easter break will sure help to keep you sane during the Easter Spring break

They say Easter break, but is it really a break for us moms? Hardly. For me it is two weeks of being with the tot 24-7, non stop which means I can forget about having any sort of ”me time” whatsoever. Top 5 tips for mums during the Easter Spring break

It is times like these that I enjoy toilet breaks. I take my phone with me and get in about 5 minutes of social media time whilst I can without having a screaming toddler shouting down my ear.

And I cannot wait for dinner time. As soon as it hits 5pm, I start to make his dinner and then from then on, time flies by until I put him to bed (a challenging task sometimes).

How do we entertain the kids? I have a few top tips for us mums to help us get through our long days.

1-Stick to your usual routine

There is nothing worse than having a lie in because it will mean their bedtime is delayed hence even less ”me time” for ourselves later in the day. Wake up at your normal time and get your day started. Trust me on this one.

2-Find out about local activities on your area

As it will be Easter, there are sure to be egg hunts and other fun activities for your kids to be entertained. That is at least half of your day gone and the rest of the day can be made up of some playtime, feeding and bath time. I would say, plan your activities in advance as some may require booking.

3-Take a visit to the library.

You can get in some learning time as well as trying to pass time-the intelligent way. Check your local libraries for story telling time and activities for Easter. Outside these times, head to the kids section, hunt through a few shelves and pick out a handful of books and spend some time reading with them. I always take some munchies with me as the tot likes to nibble on fruit and read at the same time.

4-Play dates

These are a great way to get in some social time with friends and at the same time entertain the kids. Although half your time will be spent trying to discipline them and apologising to people for their loud/disrupting behaviour. For todays play date, the tots were super hyper and we had to separate the kids for 5 minutes. So you can see why I say no to sweets and chocolates. Apart from wanting to pull my hair out every 5 minutes, it is nice to see your kids play and have fun with their peers, especially when they are of similar ages.

5-Accept help 

Well not much luck of that being a single mum but those with partners should try to get their partners involved in the day-to-day activities to pave way for some ”me time” and give yourselves a little break and breather time.

So there you have it, my top 5 tips for mums during the Easter Spring break.

Most of all, ENJOY the Easter break. Eat lots of chocolates. I indulged on some Ferrero Rocher and Hotel Chocolat goodies today. Not good I know, it was a chocolate overload day today. We got to be naughty once in a while. There is no fun if we always play by the rules. I am definitely a rule breaker.

What do you all have planned for Easter?



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