5 top tips for single parents

5 top tips for single parents

Whilst I am grateful for the help and support I get from my friends and family, essentially I still have sole responsibility in raising my son which is tough as a single parent. Read on for my 5 top tips for single parents.5 top tips for single parents

My dear friend Wesley’s  partner just gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy and can you guess what the first thing he said to me was?

‘I rate you Sarah, I don’t know how you do it, I have a lot of respect for you, as a single mum doing it all on your own’.

This almost moved me to tears. It is tough, I will not lie. My sisters would look at me sometimes and think how do I do this everyday. Well I just do…

One foot in front of the other… and keep moving forward! 

My day is very much monotonous…

Brush teeth, breakfast…Check

School uniform clean and ironed…Check,

Homework reading done….Check

Dinner ready….Check

Sometimes my life can be very overwhelming with trying to juggle blogging and parenthood and thinking about a career and seeing my friends. But having my to do list keeps me organised and at least half sane. Read my previous post on how to motivate yourself. I find sometimes I just lose motivation when I am overwhelmed.

Here are my 5 top tips for single parents out there.

1-Keep your cool

As hard as it can be, it is important to stay calm. My tot really tests my patience on a daily basis especially when I am running late. It is like he knows when to play up just to wind mummy up. The key here is to stay calm and not to shout. Changing routines and tactics mights help. For example now, I dress myself first then the tot because when I used to do it the other way round, I would find that he has undressed himself and made a mess of his cupboard in order to find his favourite pair of jeans to wear.

2- Grow a tougher skin

You will always be criticised left right and centre by everyone and you just have to learn to ignore half of what is said. Know that you are an amazing parent and know whats best for your child. People will always have their opinions and set ways of doing things so sometimes it is easier to just let them have their rant and just block your ears.

3-Get organised

Lists, lists and more lists. It is the only way. Plan what you are going to do the day before. I usually have my whole week planned out. Play dates and meeting with friends are almost always penciled in a week in advance. It is better to have a diary and write down your events/meetings so you always have it to hand to refer to.

4-Me time is important

Be it  daily thing or weekly, you must dedicate some time to yourself to switch off from everything. Whether you find peace in swimming, reading a book, watching TV, just make sure you pencil in some time for it on a regular basis.

5-Other hobbies/work

You need a break from parenthood because it is very intense. I took up blogging as therapy, and it is something I do enjoy and have made new friends along the way. (Maybe lost a few too). If you want to return to work, do it for your sanity! It is nice to get away from the chores of  cleaning dirty laundry, and dealing with screaming toddlers. At the end of the day, you have to provide for your child and for yourself, so having an income is important. Don’t rely on anyone else for support, being independent is an amazing thing and your child will look up to you one day and respect you for it.

Any single parents out there with any tips? Please do tell and share. I would welcome aboard any advice.

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