5 kid friendly hotels to hit in Milan

Travelling with the kids need not be a challenge if planned right. They say a holiday is never a holiday if you have kids in tow but I think that is down to how the kids behave. If you have mischievous little ones, then good luck. I have listed my top 5 kid friendly hotels in Milan.top 5 kid friendly hotels in milan [Read more…]

Summer wedding in Sintra-part 2

One day to go, count down has begun. Summer wedding in Sintra was one to never be forgotten.Summer wedding in Sintra [Read more…]

Wedding of the year in Sintra-Part 1

This post is a tad late, I was just so overwhelmed with work and life in general that my posts have been a little all over the place. I am sure we have all had moments like these. I often feel like I have too much on the go and trying to juggle too many tasks. Planning, planning and planning I reckon should fix this. So this is throwback to wedding of the year in Sintra.img_6651 [Read more…]

The best place for dinner in Sintra

Portuguese food is simply out of this world. I had a great experience in every restaurant I visited in the four days #enoughsaid. The prize for the best place for dinner at Sintra would have to go to Romaria de Baco, hands down.Romario de Baco [Read more…]

My Top places to travel- A bucket list for cultural vultures

Coming from such a mixed background myself, it should come as no surprise to you guys that I love to travel and experience new cultures. I thought I would put together my top places to travel for those travel bugs that are thinking of booking of somewhere to go this Summer.

trevi foundation top places to travel
[Read more…]

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