Vegan Valentines Day dessert recipe- sharing is not caring

Valentines Day is almost here and that means it is time to spoil your other half with the sweeter things in life! NOT!

I mean spoil yourselves rotten with these Vegan Valentines Day dessert recipe idea. Vegan Valentines Day dessert recipe idea [Read more…]

Minced stuffed peppers for you vegetarian/vegan eaters out there

Who said being a vegetarian is boring? And before you grab your phones texting me with how can an Arab girl be vegetarian, we love our meat, rest ashore, I am not:) Minced stuffed peppers and not just any mince though, I am talking about meat-free lentil mix. My vegan snack is another winner I reckon and super easy to to make.

[Read more…]

Gluten-free chocolate cake with avocado frosting

This gluten-free chocolate cake is divine! I made it for our family Christmas dinner to have after the lovely turkey we munched on. My motto is always make room for dessert, no matter how much you have eaten.gluten-free chocolate cake [Read more…]

Vegan no sugar ‘bounty’ bar recipe

Oh my oh my. If you are coconuts over bounty bars, you are going to want to make this. These guilt-free, no sugar vegan ‘bounty’ bars are heaven on earth. Everyone that has tried them have absolutely loved them. [Read more…]

High protein snack for energy boosting

Three of my favourite ingredients all ingested in just one bite, the almond butter, apple and bananas. A high protein snack for energy boosting to get you going through your day. Another one of my favourites are my protein balls which never fail to satisfy the appetite.High protein snackI sat in my dining room feeling a little peckish one day and had a little rummage through the kitchen to see what I could find and came up with this little invention; a high protein snack.

What do you think? Easy to make and fills you up, not to mention super healthy.

It is easy peasy to make.

Slice up your apple sideways.

Smother  on some almond butter or butter of choice.

Slice up some bananas

Sandwich back together.

It is that simple:) Sometimes I add a cheeky drizzle of Nutella. The combination of Almond butter and Nutella is heaven.

What are your go to snacks? Hit me with them.

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