Skinny chocolate nuts and seeds bars

There is nothing like indulging in chocolate and feeling totally guilt-free about doing so!  These skinny chocolate bar recipe is definitely one to try, and they are also toddler approved. My friends tot made a grab for it at the table and gulped it down in 5 seconds flat, making no effort to conceal the evidence with chocolate seen covering his hands and face (made a great picture). He was certainly a happy chap.skinny chocolate bars-MyCityMyLondon [Read more…]

Ramadan feast consisting of Egyptian Kunafa with ricotta cheese

Ramadan feast of Egyptian kunafa with ricotta cheese. Egypt is renowned for their colourful and sweet recipes, of course for their great history too. Egyptian kunafa with ricotta cheese is one of my favourite sweet dishes and is one of the most eaten desserts during Ramadan.Ramadan feast of Egyptian kunafa with ricotta cheese [Read more…]

Gluten-free manakeesh

Manakeesh, a popular Lebanese flatbread loaded with Zaatar (blend of sesame seeds, thyme and spices) forms part of a typical Lebanese breakfast served with yoghurt. It is typically made with wheat flour. For those gluten-free souls, I have just the recipe for you. These gluten-free manakeesh is a must try, even if you are not gluten intolerant.Gluten-free manakeesh [Read more…]

Vegan Valentines Day dessert recipe- sharing is not caring

Valentines Day is almost here and that means it is time to spoil your other half with the sweeter things in life! NOT!

I mean spoil yourselves rotten with these Vegan Valentines Day dessert recipe idea. Vegan Valentines Day dessert recipe idea [Read more…]

Minced stuffed peppers for you vegetarian/vegan eaters out there

Who said being a vegetarian is boring? And before you grab your phones texting me with how can an Arab girl be vegetarian, we love our meat, rest ashore, I am not:) Minced stuffed peppers and not just any mince though, I am talking about meat-free lentil mix. My vegan snack is another winner I reckon and super easy to to make.

[Read more…]

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