Final day at Gouna, let’s yacht it out!

Final day at Gouna, let’s yacht it out!


Nothing makes me happier than sitting on a yacht and staring into the ocean:)


Yep too deep to take a plunge!


Farewell shore. See you in a few hours at the least!


Nothing beats a pair of denim shorts (Vero Moda) and a lace top (H&M). I thought I would brave it out and lay out on deck on our way into the big ocean resisting the wind. My full cup of drink turned into half a cup by the time we reached our destination. Yes there was that much wind!


All smiles from Gouna.



Why are you all looking so sad? Just wait till I throw you all in the water:p


I am not sure why (because they can all swim) but most of the men needed a float in the water.  Whimps.


See you don’t need one!


We were neighbours to three other yachts! So you can imagine what an amazing time we had!


Riding this little dingy was so much fun. The driver almost tipped us in the water a few times, thinking it would be


Great way to catch a great tan is to sit out on deck and absorb the sun.


Aye aye captain!

After a great day on the yacht, we headed back to our rooms for some rest before getting ready for the final night out:)


We headed to Pier 88. And what a great night it was chilling with my girls. A few of the girls left Pier 88 to go to other parties, but we happily enjoyed the music whilst sipping on cocktails (mainly Amr Diab).


Hanan, here is your match made in heaven! hahaha This random guy managed to strike up a convo with my friends earlier in the day and he spotted them later at Pier 88. Suprisingly Hanan’s outfit matched perfectly to his!

Oh what a trip that’s all I can say! I will def be back soon! Can’t wait to be back and do this all again:)


Shorts: Vero Moda

Top: Michael Kors

Sandals: Primark














Spa time, some more sun and Pier 88

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