Tums and bums tucked in and you are party ready, the Body Frock way

Tums and bums tucked in and you are party ready, the Body Frock way. Party dresses for women with Body Frock is the way forward moms.

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Gigilovesblake for some mum sass in your life

Gigilovesblake for a bit of mum sass is something to get excited about. Being a mummy blogger, I always love it when I meet other mummies and sharing parenting tips and experiences. It is reassuring to hear that actually everyone struggles with motherhood, whether you are a single mum or not. I was introduced to the lovely collection of Gigilovesblake. #supercool .Gigilovesblake [Read more…]

Owl watch is one to take into Spring

I’m not very much of a watch person to be honest and since I am always on my phone, I tend to use my mobile as my usual first port of call for time awareness. However, I am getting back into the watch game and love stacking up my bracelets with my watch. They make a great Instagram picture too. This Owl watch is one to take into Spring.Owl watch to take into Spring [Read more…]

5 girls Early Spring tops

If you are anything like me, a lover of the sun and hater of cold weather, then Spring just doesn’t cut it for us. I am Middle Eastern, so anything below 28 degrees is still cold for me hence the need for my big Zara blanket scarf that is still firmly wrapped around my neck even on Early Spring days in London. 5 girls Early Spring tops [Read more…]

Beauty and the Beast Beauty Box

Latest in Beauty have curated the gorgeous Beauty and the Beast Beauty Box featuring a collection of hair and beauty products for women.Beauty and the Beast Beauty box [Read more…]

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