What will Brexit mean for us beauty and fashion lovers

What will Brexit mean for us beauty and fashion lovers?

23d of June 2016, a date that we will never forget, the date that 52% of voters voted to leave the EU. A date that will go down in history probably as the worst political decision ever made! How do we make sense of it all?

A few of my friends who for Brexit are now regretting it, and I’m sure that there is a good proportionate of people in the UK that now also feel this way. I just don’t think we were all very clued up on the facts and to be honest, a huge economical and political decision like that should not have been left for the public to decide on. ”I used to wake up thinking it was a bad dream, now I feel like we are about to live the worst nightmare. Brexit has plagued the news for a couple of years now and we are no where near any sort of agreement really with deadline extensions and a “No Brexit” deal on the table. Without an advanced degree in politics, I don’t know how anyone can really make sense of it it, because to be honest I haven’t a clue what a ”no deal” may bring for us, although I have my speculations.

I’ve been wondering what the impact of Brexit will have on cost of food, travel, clothes and fuel. In terms of fashion and beauty, a lot of the brands I use and I’m sure many of you also use are international brands. So does that mean we need to stock pile on our favourite mascara?

The British fashion industry relies heavily on global talent. 90% of designers voted to remain in the EU according to the British Fashion Council. With Brexit likely to affect trade, we can be probably sure that the price of a pair of jeans will probably go up. Will there be a Free-Trade Agreement in place? We just don’t know. The fashion industry works well in advance and so they are all at a loss with being left out in ”the dark” because no one really knows what a ”deal” actually means.

Many fashion companies have a vast number of international workers and so if Brexit jeopardises this workforce then this will affect the company in a big way.

I am guessing British designers are taking their reign right now and owning it. If the cost of British clothes will end up cheaper then the nation as a whole will have to start buying British branded clothes.

Here’s a down low on what I think the impact of Brexit will be in terms of beauty and fashion.


It can be predicted that international brands being imported will be subject to additional processes and taxes hence an increase in price for us. Also a delay in items being sent to the UK will cause and increase in demand hence the price of products will increase. ( I was listening to you Mr Raymond when you taught us this at Business studies).

The cost of food being imported will probably go up, with extra checks through borders and risk of damaged goods with a delay will mean the demand for certain produce will increase and again hence the price. It looks like the British farmers will be making a killing out of this Brexit. I say lets all grow our own fruit and vegetables:) Who is in with me on this one?

Ingredient legislation

The CTPA (Cosmetic Toiletries and Perfumery Association), the body that represents the voice of the industry did state that the decision to leave the EU will not alter the strict safety laws that govern cosmetic products. However, in reality, I don’t think they even know the implications of Brexit. Currently, we are bound by EU regulations that ban over 1200 of potentially damaging ingredients and although the CTPA have stated that brands wishing to sell to the UK must still adhere to the standards, no clear guidance from the government has been issued as of yet.

Animal testing of products

Since 2003, animal testing on products has been illegal in the EU however it has been illegal in the UK since 1998 so I doubt very much that Brexit will change this so it’s safe to say that this area probably won’t change.

My advice to a fellow fashion and beauty addict.

1- Shop British

More than ever, the British brands will need our support, so do your research, look at what British brands for food, clothes and beauty are available and start buying these. Nothing like good old home grown talent now.

2- Stock pile

If you can, and if your wallet allows it, stock up on your favourite international beauty products from now. Don’t go over board and buy shelves of good, remember, Brexit hasn’t kicked in as of yet.

Finishing off, nobody really knows when Brexit will happen nor the implications of it. We are all sitting tight, hoping and praying for the best. There is no doubt in our minds that there will be some sort of impact on all industries, from healthcare (probably the biggest to be hit), beauty, fashion, oil etc. I personally am hoping that there won’t be much change after a bit of ”tweaking” in the legislations to come.

Who knows, Brexit might just be the push we needed for the making of a British fashion and beauty industry! Move over US!


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