Some of my travel beauty essentials

Some of my travel beauty essentials


So for those of you lucky enough to have a trip booked somewhere exotic soon, I have put together what my travel beauty essentials are:) With the weather being quite glum recently I am sure you can’t wait to get away and soak some sun, lounge around on a sunbed and sip cocktails all day long! Right this is making me want to get on plane right this minute.

1-Dry Shampoo

My suitcase always makes a space for this:) I usually get the travel size considering we can only take a max of 100mls through security! Annoying I know. This gives your hair just that extra bounce and fresh feel. If you are going somewhere hot and humid, hair can tend to look very limp.

2-MAC prolong wear concealer

Even if you don’t wear much make-up, concealers are a must especially if you are planning on having wild nights out and this will to hide those dreaded next day bags. I love MAC prolong wear as it lasts the whole day.


I tend to use bronzers when I am away for that sun-kissed look. MAC and Nars do great products. Currently I am using Dark mineralise bronzer and Posey blusher from MAC. I am also a huge fan of Nars- Orgasm blusher

 4-Essie nail varnish

For those who are not a fan of gel nails like me, get yourselves some Essie nail colours.  I am obsessed with nude colours this season. These are my fav brand purely because of its staying power. I mean you don’t want to keep re-applying throughout your holiday.

5-A pair of wedges

My fav footwear when I am on hols because you get the height with the comfy feel. And with many exotic places the floors are usually cobbly so you will want to ditch your stilettos for wedges.

6-Nivea factor 50 sun factor!

I am obsessed with applying sun protector! You got to keep your skin looking fab at 50 I say plus you need to protect your skin from sunburn:) I don’t really have a preference for the different brands, just as long as it is non greasy and is factor 50. For my face I use Avene lotion 50.

7-Sun hat

Not only would you be trendy in your swim suit but it will protect you from the sun.  I don’t know about you guys but if I lay in the sun for hours without a hat I get a massive headache and puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day!


There is nothing worst than walking bare foot in public toilets and every year I see people do it and I cringe!! Ewwww. Guys these are PUBLIC toilets millions of people use it every day  you got to put something on your feet.

9-Phillip Kingsley volume builder shampoo

I’m obsessed with Phillip Kinglsey products. They are awesome for your hair (Pureology is my top fav too). I use the volume shampoo to give my hair that umff and L’oreal advert glamourous look…because ‘you’re worth it’.  I got mine from Harrods with a  cheeky 10% discount using my reward card. The next 10% weekend discount is THIS WEEKEND!

10-Phone charger

We all know we can’t live without our phones.  Can you imagine a life without selfies?

So tell me what are your fav beauty travels…..





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