Some Kiehl’s products that will give you confidence to have make-up free beach skin

Some Kiehl’s products that will give you confidence to have make-up free beach skin

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We would all love to walk around with no make-up having flawless skin, zero bags and with that soft pink natural blush on the cheeks. This doesn’t happen in my world but we can use get a good skin routine going to help keep our skin looking good.

Thanks Kiehl’s for these three amazing products.  The lovely Boyarde Messenger was at the Selfridges Kiehl’s event  for the launch of the Day Serum Concentrate giving away tote bags, personalised with your name. This bag was made for me with the saying: this is no ordinary potion, but I am no ordinary woman”.




After the success of the best selling night serum, the day serum was launched:) I personally haven’t tried it but I hear it is a definite buy! I wanted to get my skin used to the night recovery serum first which is working well for me.

The kiehl’s team were there armed and ready to bust out their skincare advise on the day. I was whisked away to a little corner and given a quick skin analysis test using this moisture monitor.

IMG_9251The world of technology has really advanced! It gives an indication on skin hydration state and to no surprise, it showed I have slight dehydration. So it seems that I must up my game on keeping my skin hydrated.

IMG_9255These were the products that were recommended to me.

I would definitely recommend popping in and having the skin moisture level test and products recommendation.

Now for my top product reviews.

1- Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Hailed as the beauty cult product in various magazines, (probably because Kim Kardashian seems to be a huge fan), I can say it definitely lives up to its reputation. It works by drawing moisture from the air and preventing moisture loss giving you 24 hour hydration. How could you not love this product? With winter on its way, you will want to invest in this for this. Plus I found that it gives my make-up great staying power:) A win win situation here. Tip: If you have problem skin, I probably would probably recommend a lighter cream as this can be a bit too rich and might aggravate the skin further. I do not apply it to problem areas.

2-Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I am always a bit lost on what to apply at night on my face. I occasionally and very occasionally apply coconut oil for a bit of moisture which does seem to keep my skin very hydrated and I wake up with super soft skin. But having tried this ‘best seller” concentrate, I can say my night-time routine has been upgraded. All you need is a few drops to massage over your face and you wake up with a smoother and more radiant complexion. The essentials oils it contains gives you that night-time sleepy feeling smell helping you to doze off at night.

3-Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

No matter how good your skin is, you still need to apply a masque at least once a week. Since I get break-outs every now and again, this masque is perfect as it helps to draw out impurities that clog pores causing spots. I found it very refreshing on the skin and noticed a more refined, brighter skin from just one application. Tip: wash your hands thoroughly after application. I must have missed a spot and accidentally smeared my new denim jeans with it.

I would like to welcome aboard Kiehl’s to my daily beauty routine:)

Are any of you using these products? I would love to hear your reviews.




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