My 10 hot beauty products right now

My 10 hot beauty products right now


As the saying goes : ”Beauty lies within”.

I thought I would share with you all my my fav beauty products, well more like products I can’t live without! Leave your comments, would love to hear about any products you can’t live without that deserve a mention:)

1-Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream


I have been using this product for yearsssss and I mean years! Realistically speaking, almost 10 years! I swear by this product! I use it mainly as a lip balm! It’s superb, it moisturises, soften and adds a hint of sheen to my lips. So what more can you ask for from a lip balm. It is also used as a sunburn remedy or even as a soother for other burns.

2- Creme De La Mere moisturisng soft cream- 30mls, £105



It isn’t described as luxury skin care for nothing. The hefty price tag pretty much speaks for itself.

So when I first started using this, again years ago, but not that many years ago, there was only one product in circulation, now they have expanded this range into a an ultra rich cream, a lotion, a gel and an oil free lotion.

I personally prefer the moisturising soft cream,  you only have to apply it to your skin to realise why. It is super soft and creamy. You take a little on your fingertips and rub in between your palms to warm the cream up and pat it on your face. It will make you feel a million dollars, trust me. If you have acne prone skin, the lotions are less rich so maybe a better option.

3- Pureology Shampoo and conditioner- £14.85, £18.85



I have tried every single shampoo you can think of. Ok well not every single one ever manufactured, but it feels like I have tried a hell of a lot and I can safely say that Pureology is amazing for the hair. They have different ranges to suit your hair type, hydrate, volume,  strength cure (which I use) purify, perfect for platinum, and super smooth for colour treated hair. After one wash, you will seea noticeable difference. It is that good. In the past I have used L’anza (quite good), L’oreal, Oatmeal, Tony and Guy, Moroccan oil range …..the list is endless.

Let me know what you guys think of this product. I would love to hear about it. P.s get your stash from, they sell them for £11.00!

4- Nars Organza  blusher- £21.50


It’s an award-winning blusher, probably because Kim Kardashian reportedly uses it:)  It is super intense that only a small sweep is needed to give an all over glow to your complexion. I can’t leave the house without it. Sweep across the apples of your cheek and take it up towards the top of your ear for a high cheekbone effect.

If this is slightly out of your budget then Dollymix, MAC blusher with a sweep of skin finish mineralise is a great substitute.

5- Mac prep and prime- £20.50


A must before applying any foundation to the skin. Sometimes when I am in a rush, I do admit, I don’t put this on, but I always try to on a night out. It keeps your make up in place, blots away any excess oil and evens out any skin redness.

 6- Batiste Dry Shampoo-£4.99


This hair make over is my saviour in life! Although a lot of people say its thick, it is generally flat, I actually have a lot of trouble injecting volume into it. I went through phases of back combing and hair spraying for ages, and now I just let it be. I find this product great when my hair is feeling extra limp or when I have been too lazy to wash my hair and it is looking a tad greasy. It boost some volume into it and gives it a ”just washed look”. They come in different formulations for different hair colour, brunettes, blondes etc, but I personally recommend the natural one and the others can stain your hand when applying it to your hair roots.

This is a must have when you travel for sure.

7-Sisely  Grapefruit toner£59.50a nd cleansing milk with sage-£63


 If you have money to spend on expensive face care products then use it wisely by investing in Sisley products. They do wonders for your skin! Well at that price it should!

8-YSL False lash mascara- £24.50


From L’oreal to Benefit to Elizabeth Arden to a million other brands I have tried, nothing quite gives my lashes the wow factor as this YSL little beauty. They don’t call it false lash for nothing. 



 I love adding a good colour to my nails. It completes a look for sure. My choice in colour depends on the weather and the Season. Hang on did I say Season? We only get two in London, that is Winter and Spring. I don’t feel it is ever hot enough for Summer. My favourite colours right now are pastel Green and baby pink. In the Winter, I love Burgundy and reds and blues.

10. Origin body soufle- £25


My favourite all over body cream, hands down. It smells absolutely gorgeous! I am not sure if it is the most moisturising one out there but it sure does leave an aroma in the room after you have used it so you can imagine how long the smell will linger on your skin for and that is important if you want to smell good:)

Well there you have it. Anyone using any of these products also? Or have any products you swear by that you want to share? I would love to hear about it.




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