Make- ing it up at the IMAT and the first day of Ramadan!

Make- ing it up at the IMAT and the first day of Ramadan!


I love Make-up..and everytihing to do with it.

Anyone that knows me knows I could easily spend hours in a MAC store trying on products after products. So when I heard about the IMAT show, every bone in my body jumped up in excitement. It’s the biggest make-up gathering where thousands of exhibitors, artist and people like me attend. Those artists wanting to make it in the make-up world whether it’s in fashion, theatre, film or TV, this trade show provides tools, ideas and contacts to make that happen.





I walked in, and I felt like I was in heaven. All the best brands, under one roof! Where do I start?


I was all smiles. It didn’t take me long to buy things..Some brushes, fake eye lashes, eye shadows, eye liners, blushers and concealers. I tried to hold myself back from going too crazy! Can’t wait to use my new products.


The lovely Doa, founder of Artist of Make up…. Hamdullilah she has done very well! Her brand is well known and her products were selling like hot cakes. I know that because I was given my products in a plastic bag because they had run out of their fancy bags!




Amongst your usual average day to day make-up, body art was also on display.


Is this guy naked? I think he is.


Throughout the event, talks by varying artists were also scheduled into the agenda. To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention but the Kryolan talk was interesting with their tips on how to create smokey eyes and the brushes used for application.

Not sure how I survived the first day of Ramadan, but hamdullilah I did! Makes me a lil optimistic for the rest of the month! What was on the menu for dinner ? Chicken and rice, my fav dish! And for dessert, baklava sweets:) I am stuffed.

Good night London, I am ready for bed!




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