Make-up by Ahmad Amine

Make-up by Ahmad Amine

The month of August is what I like to call ” wedding fever” because I feel like everyone is getting either engaged or married in August.

Don’t you just feel like just about everyone you know is getting married? IMG_5878

I probably speak for most of you, when I say getting hair and make-up done by a professional is a must, right? Well if you attend a wedding anywhere in the Middle East, be sure get done up. Trust me if you don’t, you will feel very much out of place. And if it is Lebanon, then hair and make-up is an absolute must. The best in town for make-up is Ahmad Amine.

The Lebanese hands down are by far the best for hair and make-up in my opinion and when I said that to Ahmad, his reply was :” yes actually that is true and why is that?” Well your guess is as good as mine, but you guys are experts for sure. When I am in Cairo town, I go to Kriss for hair styling and colour and have been going for years and years.

Anyway, back to Ahmad Amine. I met the lovely Rein who did my make-up for a wedding and she is superb and is actually the best make-up artist I have seen so far and trust me I have seen quite a few. Her story? Well she was not into make-up at all, Ahmad took her under her wing, showed her his tricks and magical ways of beautifying someone and now she is a successful make-up artist. Truly exceptional I must say.

IMG_5872IMG_5873IMG_5874The experience starts when you first step into the salon. The decor was beautiful, not to mention the Patchi chocolates and biscuits on display. Pssstt, I had three Patchi chocolates in the first 10 minutes of being there. But who can resist them?

IMG_5876I will take you through what was applied. Anyone that knows me would know I am fussy with make-up and actually I think she was quite patient with me through my ”wait don’t put that, make it lighter..” comments.

Face: L’oreal surprisingly enough with Mac foundation in NC35.

Concealer: Anastasia in number 2. This concealer though:) Totally covers everything and doesn’t crease. 10/10 in my books.

Powder: Mac C42 lightly dusted all over

Lips: Anastasia Dusty Rose  (Anastasia, you blew me away)

All set with Mac fix spray.

The result…

IMG_5882IMG_5888IMG_5879She made me look a million dollars!

She is one of the loveliest make-up artist I have conversed with.

Anyone out there wanting to get their make-up done in Beirut, then I suggest that you head to Ahmad Amine. They are by far exceptionally good. I received so many comments on my make-up that night and that is how you know it was a job well done. In actual fact, Ahmad Amine ventures out of Beirut so he can be booked for any place and anywhere.

Thank you for a wonderful experience:) I will for sure be knocking on your door again for another ”make me look beautiful” look.



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