Tips on how to clean your make-up brushes

Tips on how to clean your make-up brushes



So how many of you out there wash your make-up brushes and if you do, how often do you wash them?

A boring task I know but it has got to be done, it is something we need to get serious about. Here are a few hot tips on cleaning make-up brushes.

How often?

If you are a makeup artist then ideally after each client. But if you are using the brushes on yourself, then ONCE a WEEK should suffice to prevent dirt and bacteria from building up hence causing blemishes.

What to use?

Various brands have their own make-up washing solution. MAC. is one I sometime use. But if you don’t want to buy specific products then a gentle face wash like Cetaphil which you can buy from the pharmacy works just as well.

How to wash?

  • Wash in the direction of the bristles
  • Shake of excess water
  • Press brush onto a paper towel
  • Lay flat on a towel to air dry (do not use a hair dryer as you will damage the bristle)

So get cleaning girls, this might just be the cause for those lumps and bumps on your face! nip it in the bud:)


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