Freauty nails for Valentines Day

Freauty nails for Valentines Day

IMG_1653Since becoming a mum, I must admit that find it hard to keep my nails in tip-top condition. Forget the colour, I mean the conditioning of he nail itself. Anyway to cut a long story short, I found out about the Freauty app, which literally changed my life. You can download from google play or itunes 

You want to know how? Bianca nails in the city came into my life. This lady is such an inspiration. She in her late 20s and has managed to have set up her own business, own a flat in London ( amazing in itself) and works 10am-10pm everyday. That is pure dedication and hard work. She is the loveliest of ladies who gave me some extremely good tips for keeping my nails in tip-top condition. Plus..the added bonus- She charges £25 for Gelish nails which includes a full manicure as well as the colour. That is one bargain to keep coming back for.

Firstly before I get into the Gelish manicure, I thought I would nail it with some of her top tips for nail conditioning. Oh and by the way she is OPI super obsessed which has now rubbed onto me:)

1-Apply cuticle oil every night (OPI)

2-Soak hands in warm water and push cuticles back once a week

3-Moisture hands regularly

4-Clean the nail with OPI Nas 99 before applying polish.

5-OPI nail envy treatment is a great nail treatment that does wonders for your nails


IMG_16371-Choose your colour

IMG_16412-Nails were first filed

IMG_16433-Cuticles pushed back

IMG_16464-A bonder solution applied to help nail polish stick to nails

IMG_16475- Colour applied in two coats and dried with LED lamp (kinder to skin than UV light I am told by the expert) after each application step.

IMG_1649Finished result:)

I would definitely recommend using this app for home treatments/services. The thought of dragging myself  out in the wind/rain and cold and sitting in a nail varnish perfumed salon really puts me off getting a manicure, or in fact any other salon treatment . Services offered on this app range from manicure to makeup, facials, massages, waxing and hair dressing services. They give you the name of the company, how far away they are from your location and prices all with just one click. Freauty is the way forward. Download it now, you won’t be disappointed.

And here is the exciting part…

I have a 40% off discount code for all your readers. Just put in SARAH40 into the promotion section before you check out. This is available for a limited period only until the end of February. Don’t waste any time.

It makes for a perfect Valentines gift idea, or use it yourself to look your best for the date and if you don’t have a date, well then your day just got rosier, treat yourself because you sure do deserve it.



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