Zara patch high-waisted jeans

Zara patch high-waisted jeans

This pair of Zara patch high-waisted jeans is yet another Zara winner for me. img_7267

Ok so we all know that I am Zara obsessed. But what is there not to obsess about?

On one sunny day, I decided to take myself for a spot of Zara shopping and found myself picking up at least ten items in five minutes but had to have a good stern talk to myself and tamed my fashionista desire and settled for just this pair of  fabulous Zara patch high-waisted jeans. My new-found obsession.

Eye catching right? And they sure turned heads. I couldn’t walk out of the shop without them and even stood in a 15 minute queue to get them. Ok so 15 minutes isn’t very long but when you have a tot swinging off the queue stands playing tarzan, you just want to exit out of the shop as fast as you can to avoid the strange looks from onlookers who have nothing better to do than form  judgement on your parenting skills.

Yes he is a boy,

Yes he is active

And yes he wants to be entertained all the time.

I have seen other toddlers trying to trip people up in stores and even throw objects at shoppers, all of which by the way in central London. So give me some credit, a girl has to shop every once in a while. Being a single mum, it means he accompanies me all the time, even on these boring shopping trips.

Anyway, so back to the jeans.

Why I love them….

I love them because the are high waisted:)img_7266

Love the patch work detailimg_7265img_7268

And they go great with killer heels.img_7264

You can dress them up with heels or even with sneakers and a jumper for a casual look.

Who out there already owns something with a patch work detail like this? Leave me your comments below. Could be anything from shoes to jackets or even wallets, I want to know about it.



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