Vogue Festival 2014



Vogue and Harrods, thanks for making this happen!

Ok so I know this post is veryyyyyyyy late so sorry about that. It is very tough finding time to write all my blog posts and having to run around a little one all day!

Let’s get cracking…

The two day extravaganza (in associaion with Harrods) took place at Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre. I have never been here before so finding it was a bit of a challenge.

I wasn’t organised enough to get tickets to the talks sadly enough but I managed to get hold of Foyer tickets from a friend:) I was very impressed with the whole event I have to say and soon enough I forgot about missing the talks and got busy with the entertainments on show.


I got myself a programme and started planning on what to see first. Ok well I said I would plan but that didn’t really happen, I guess you can say I just went with the flow. I was first met with Vogue make up bag surgery. The idea of this is that you bring your make up bag with you and they go through what products you have, what you need to buy etc. Great if you have no idea about make up (not me), so I walked swiftly passed this section and onto the catwalk experience.

This was so much fun.


You get pampered with some Bobbi Brown make up first.


Then join the queue ready for your catwalk experience. I started to get a bit nervous because I could hear a crowd buiulding up outside so thought it would be a good idea to take a few snaps before hand whilst we wait in the queue.

The actual catwalk only lasted only a few seconds! But it was worth it. It was my moment of fame:)


After the show, the photos are uploaded onto the computers and you select which ones you want a print out of.


Selected pics are emailed to you and then it is up to you to upload them to Instagram with # Harrodslive to get a print out.


The result. Impressive or what. I can safely say the experience made me look and feel like a model.


This was my favourite shot.

After this, I took a little wonder around…


A Burberry make up section. There was a huge queue, so didn’t stop by for some pampering.


Loving these quotes I noticed on display especially the one by Christian Louboutin- ”A shoe is only successful if it is seductive”. You couldn’t have put it more perfectly.


How hot does Cara look? Born to model.


The Vogue shop.



The Vogue pin-ups. I spent a few moments reading a few and put together one for myself.

me 2

After a few hours of  snapping away, my phone battery was slowly deminishing in power but luckily enough for me there were phone chargers to hand! How awesome is that? Whilst waiting for my phone to charge, I got chatting with my neighbour and was admiring her gorgeous Dolce Gabana glasses.



I finally sat down at the end of the day to a cup of latte and endulged in a rather tasty cupcake. All I needed was a sofa to put my feet up and a magazine to flick through.



Just before leaving the venue, I took a few snaps and was off on my way home.

Awesome day Vogue!




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