Trenching, Burberry style

Trenching, Burberry style

As we set into Autumn, I was feeling the need for a trench coat and especially with London weather, it could pour down with rain at any minute and I need to be prepared and have something in my cupboard I can reach out to if and when needed.

So I headed to the Burberry store of course! I thought to myself, if I am going to be walking in the rain, I may as well do so in style.


image (1)

What do you think? The lighter colour on the mannequin or darker is better??

I hope you are thinking the darker one because I made that my purchase of the day!


You can’t go wrong with a Burberry trench. It is classic, timeless, elegant and can be worn any time of day and so it is a must have.

I also had a quick wif of the My Burberry perfume and it is gorgeous. It comes in a cute little gold bottle which you can engrave! I think it makes a perfect birthday present for a loved one if I may say so.

image (2)

Oh look, it matches  my flats, I will have that too please. One more perfume to add to my collection, Hurray.

It is a real shame the ponchos are out of stock, will have to make a return for that sometime in the future. After the world viewed Cara strutting it on the catwalk, it has pretty much reached cult status, so it is not really that much of a surprise it sold like hot cakes.


The make-up was pretty impressive. Some gorgeous blushers and eye shadows were on display. Although I have to admit I havent tried any of their make-up but the packaging is pretty impressive. So hey if you are one of those people that do your make-up on the train, then you will want to make a few purchases here. Whipping out one of these beauties will definitely get a few heads turning.



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