Toms, a one for one deal

Toms, a one for one deal
toms shoes

toms shoes- one for one.

For every pair of Toms that is sold, they help one person in need; Toms, a one for one deal.

Toms have given more than 60 million pairs of new shoes to children in need. That is pretty impressive. Anything that involves giving back, especially to children pulls at my heart-strings. And only do they offer a new pair of shoes but also help to improve sight, water availability and education as well as safer birth services to those in need. They work with more than 100 giving partners to achieve this.

Their collection of shoes is pretty impressive. They offer shoes for Women, men and children. Not only will you find the usual canvas shoes that most people sport, but leather slip ons and even boots and sandals and even bags make the list. I spotted a few great Autumn buys here, so i would definitely check their collection out.


Toms shoesThanks Toms for these shoes. Black and grey colours are my thang right now. IMG_7204IMG_7199


And how cute are the tots? Totally park friendly. Tried and tested.

When I said to him, did you know with you wearing this, Toms helped give another child a pair of shoes too, his reply was, ”I like Tom, can I meet him?”

Super comfy and durable. I love slip on shoes mainly because I do not have enough time to faff around with laces and zips. Having said that, with the chill I am feeling right now, Autumn calls for boots with extra thick socks.

Bye bye Summer, it was short but sweet, (I can say this for a lot of things in my life).  Till next year.



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