The smart and casual look for under 100

For me, understanding which outfits that I feel most comfortable in is important. Long gone are the days when I would squeeze my feet into 6 inch heels on a night out and wear the tightest trousers to get that hourglass figure (well maybe I still do this when I am in the mood). Now, I put much less effort into what I wear day to day and will be lucky if I can match my accessories with my outfit. I pretty much live in casuals.

I think that personal style can be mastered at any age. There is no milestone or birthday to claim that turning point. I found my signature look early on in life and as I got older, I adjusted a little to fashion trends and weather! Weather plays an important deciding factor on what I decide to step out in.

Smart and casual look

My favourite look right now is the smart casual trouser and shirt look. With the hurricane type weather we have been experiencing lately, I thought it would be wise to wear a cardigan and long jacket. My all time favourite footwear now is casual trainer looks. Although a pair of heels would go nicely too with this look.

Im thinking red or hot pink:)

Ive popped a few links below of my favourite smart and casual look trousers and shirts for you.

Happy shopping:)


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