Tell the time with Timex watch

Tell the time with Timex watch

Tell the time with Timex watch.

Thanks Timex, this wrist accessory which I seem to have a little obsession with right now is just perfect. Being that it is nude in colour, it pretty much goes with any outfit.tell the time with timex-MyCityMyLondon

I don’t know about you, but for the past year or so, I always leave the house without a watch and just rely on my phone for time (or not). Technology these days can distract you from the day-to-day necessities in life. It is like communication, people don’t communicate or talk anymore. It is all about WhatsApp now. Gone are the days when you would pick up the phone to ask your friend to come over and have a good old natter. A simple WhatsApp message ”are you around” is more 2016!

So back to the Timex piece.

tell the time with timex-MyCityMyLondontell the time with timex watch-MyCityMyLondonI am very impressed with this 100% leather number. It is simple, and works well with any outfit and jewellery. I stay clear of full on bling watches, and prefer simplicity.

Oh and it is Instagram friendly too #Flatlay, another 2016 hot trend.flat lay tell the time with timex-MyCityMyLondon

What are your Instagram friendly items? Do tell and share.

I find taking a good Instagram picture does take time and effort and it is not a simple upload and tag process. Who agrees with me on this one?

I will be doing a blog post on this soon so stay tuned.






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