School run mum style

School run mum style

My mum life is a busy one. With raising a little one on my own, blogging and sorting out my career, life can be a little overwhelming at times. As I blog from home most the time, I could easily spend all day in my pyjamas (have done before) but I am starting to make more of an effort with my morning style wear. I am taking it up a notch for my school run mum style from now run mum style-MyCityMyLondon

My school run mum style is pretty basic. For me, comfort is everything to me! I would love to rock up in my 4 inch Louboutin with my Prada to hand but just couldn’t do it in this weather and well let’s face it, it takes a lot more time and effort to be this high maintenance and it would require me to get up an hour earlier which I am in no rush to do. I can just about wash my face, brush my teeth and run a comb through my hair before a school run.

I would like to add that most school runs are done with a make-up free face. With having acne, I haven’t been the most confident person when I don’t wear make-up but over the years, I have learned to love my skin and I shouldn’t let a few pimples here and there get me down #Iambeautiful.

So back to my school run style. I sport flats, skinny jeans and a big knit coupled with a blanket scarf and coat. Pretty much standard. I want to start mixing a little sass into my style. Any one of these knits would do nicely, what do you think? What I have learned is that preparation is everything so the night before I get the tots clothes all laid out plus mine if I have an event or meeting friends in the morning so that I am not rushing around trying to match up (or not ) pieces of his uniform together.

Event attire?It is a mixture of bold, loud, comfy of course with a bit of swag. I love my skirts, any excuse to get a little dressed up. Again heels are a no no usually unless it’s a 2 inch boot heel or wedges in Summer. I often sport what I am given from brands so I can shoot the styles whilst I am at the event. Right now I am all about a skirt paired with thick tights. I am slowly steering away from the UGG boots and knee highs and more towards ankle boots and trainers. I think my feet can handle a 6 degree Celsius  type of day.

How do you rock up to the school gates?


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