Owl watch is one to take into Spring

Owl watch is one to take into Spring

I’m not very much of a watch person to be honest and since I am always on my phone, I tend to use my mobile as my usual first port of call for time awareness. However, I am getting back into the watch game and love stacking up my bracelets with my watch. They make a great Instagram picture too. This Owl watch is one to take into Spring.Owl watch to take into Spring

I am totally obsessed with this Mayfair Buckle Owl grey strap watch. Thanks for sending me this gorgeous piece which has become my latest obsession .

The rose gold detail matches perfectly with the grey strap. And I must say it matches almost all my outfits which is great. You can’t go wrong with a grey classic colour now can you?

How do you wear your watch? Alone? Stacked with jewellery? Head over to the Owl Britain website for some more designs and styles. Father’s Day is just around the corner, get in there early with the gift. They do a gorgeous men range, and I am sure there is something there for every mans taste.



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