My Hot Looks Right Now

Who’s spruced up to their wardrobe collection for the New Year?

It’s a great time to do so, out with the old, in with the new, I think that’s how the saying goes.

I’ve made a few additions here and there to my wardrobe and donated some stuff I didn’t want to charity and I thought I would share with you some of my hot looks right now.

Lace up


Never goes out of fashion! Well not for me anyway. I purchased this little beauty from Warehouse. The long sleeves makes it a great dress for a Winter occasion and the sparse black lace additions to the dress make black tights a great accessory!


Check out the back of the dress, fits just neatly  in all the right places.



Closed toe of course! With a hint of lace. My first pair of heels which are less than 4 inches high! (No pigs flying). My new baby is from Reiss, full leather, inside and out just the way I like my shoes.

Flower Power


So flowers are fashionable every Summer but who says they can’t look good in Winter? With a jumper and some heels and a smart jacket, these trousers would look great for a night out. Love these pair of trousers from Zara. I was inspired to buy something flowery after seeing my sisters Erdem dress,  I adore his dresses. His flowery designs  gives sheer fabric a new twist. You must check out his collection. Flowers is the way forward girls. Replace your cashmere jumpers with a floral sweater.


With the sun shining on my face, it feels like Summer, minus the heat!  Top is from Michael Kors.


Are there skulls on my shoe? My favourite buy from Alexander McQueen brought from Harrods.



Perfectly put together necklace I must say. Who would have guessed its from Zara? Not me that’s for sure. It’s so versatile, I’ve worn it with dresses, jumpers and casual tops.

Form and fold


Mustard yellow is my favourite colour right now. I love bold and bright colours. This dress caught my eye in COS in Westfields. Exaggerated structured folds giving a sculptural look is hot right now. It’s a big plus for those pear shapers. A structural top will help balance out broad shoulders.


Check out the folds, 10 points for uniqueness!


Necklace also from COS is made up of little squares all joined together by a piece of material.


Look finished with a set of square shaped stacked rings from Bimba and Lola in Westfields. They also have a set of these in rose gold.

And there you have it. Please shar your hot looks right now, I would love to hear about it.


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