Must have bodysuits for the Summer

Must have bodysuits for the Summer

Your must have bodysuits for Summer. Now I say Summer, because I am hopeful that we will still have another month or so of gorgeous weather. I don’t think we can ever get bored of bodysuits I reckon. They make the perfect top when you want to look sexy (especially if it is a lace one) and they are very versatile. You can wear them with any type of skirt, shorts and denim jeans. You can make them more dressy with heels or keep it casual with a pair of loafers or sandals. I am about to give you my must have bodysuits for the Summer.

I reckon the Kardashians set the trend on these beauties don’t you reckon? Their endless pictures on social media of their curvaceous bodies in bodysuits broke the internet and had every women’s retail brand stocking up on all kinds of bodysuits from plain jane ones for brunch dates to florals and lace pieces for a night out in town. I must say, the white lace bodysuit look on denim jeans are my favourite look especially with hair tied in a high bun.

The great thing about a bodysuit is that they draw attention to the neckline so a layering necklace look can be done quite nicely and you can go as simple or as bling as you like, depending on what the occasion is.

Well I have rounded up my best bodysuits for you here. All you have to do is click on the image and shop your style. It is that simple.

A tip for you all. If you are wearing a lace or floral piece then I would suggest keeping the bottom simple and plain so you don’t draw too much attention to it. Remember, you want all eyes on the bodysuit.

My favourite bodysuits



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