Day 1 of London Fashion Week

Day 1 of London Fashion Week

Pheww, the first day of London Fashion Week is over. I don’t know if I speak for any other fashionistas out there but this year I really wasn’t feeling London Fashion Week hence the slow uptake on ticket requests for the shows. I do kind of regret it now, having seen people’s reaction as they leave the Bora Asku show which I hear was a must see.

London Fashion Week AW17london Fashion Week AW17London fashion Week AW17

I started off the day with a couple of shoots and a coffee to easy my way into it London Fashion Week and not just any coffee but a green tea latte which is a bit like a chai latte but with green tea. It was a first for me and I am making sure that it won’t be my last. If you like lattes, you will definitely like this tea.

I apologies in advance for the quality of some of the shots. I usually use and credit photos from the British Council website but for some reason they haven’t put any pictures up from the shows in the gallery. I was kind of relying on this.

After the shoot and coffee, I headed to the Me hotel for recharge. This time a phone recharge. Maybe I had a sneaky nibble or two on some of these mini donuts also.

ME hotel, London Fashion Week AW17ME hotel, London Fashion Week AW17

I had a little nose around the bloggers suite and picked up a few bits and bobs and admired the displays on show.

London fashion week -AW17

I was off to the presentation of Milo Maria. Loved the set up here, swag, office type setting for the shoots. The models looked fabulous in their oversized knits and blanket scarves; my current attire for running around London in.

Mark Fast blew me away with the extravagant pieces that hit the runway. Love the all in black look right now. Sorry guys but my camera died, so I couldn’t get any pics for this one. A big whoops on my side.

Paul Costelloe, London fashion WeekPaul Costelloe- London Fashion week

Ended a beautiful day with the Paul Costelloe show who never fails to impress me. I was obsessed with the models strutting the burgundy leggings and boots look. His collection of over sized coats are always a winner but I am not sure what I think of the hooded dress though. Not my kind of attire I have to say although it would make a useful hair protector, shielding me away from the wind and rain if I am on the run from my car to a venue.

The black dresses were stunning. What do you guys think? However, not sure as to when I would wear something like this. I tend to stay clear from the black if I am attending a wedding or engagement party, but I guess it would do nicely for another special event.

You can find Paul Costelloe items in Harrods and Harvey Nichols also.


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