Hello My Name Is Paul Smith

Sounds like an intro to an AA meeting, doesn’t it?


It is actually the title to Paul Smith’s exhibition which is currently on show at the Design Museum. I have always admired his choice of designs and it is always my number one choice of design brand when buying a guy a present, from shirts to belts to jumpers. So I popped along with my sister to check it out.

He is one of Britain’s most successful fashion designer who slipped and fell into designing by accident. He opened his first shop in 1970 in Nottingham and had his collection first shown in Paris in 1976 and has since introduced his labels all over the world. He has done pretty darn good for himself, starting off as a 15-year-old boy working at his fathers clothing warehouse as an errand boy and look at where he is now!

Good news guys, because of popular demand, he has extended his exhibition until June 2014! That means another couple of trips for me! You could book tickets in advance if you are really organised but I just turned up and paid at the entrance.

This exhibition is just spectacular. He opens up his world of fashion to the public through the amazing display of art work and exhibition that occupies a whole floor at the Design Museum. The exhibition takes you literally through a Paul Smith archive, taking you on a journey into his creative world showing you how he started off to what makes him one of the most leading International brand designer today. His world has been described as a world of creation, inspiration, collaboration, wit and beauty and his exhibition mirrors this perfectly.

.Before making our way to the second floor, we stopped off on the first floor for a spot of browsing. (May as well, took us an hour and a half to get there)

We were met by an activity woprkshop..I love activities! A table lay before us, filled with coloured pencils and paper of blank fashion outfits for us to design! How kool is this! I didn’t hang around, I got down to business.


After you have finished your masterpiece, You hand it up on the wall for display with all the other pieces of work. And oh my did they all put my design to shame! Extraordinary, artistic talent out there. I do think though that half of them were professional designers anyway.

What do you all think?


Now let’s compare mine  with the others.


Yea now you see what I mean.

Now for the Paul Smith display. You enter the exhibition through a small cubic square which mimics his first ever shop in Nottingham then you enter his cluttered Covent Garden office. And when I say clutter I mean clutter, fabric, paper, books, you name it, littered his room.


One section shows a Paris hotel room. This is where it all began for him in Paris. He put together his collection: 6 shirts and one jumper and one t-shirt I think it was, and the rest was history.

The room ‘’inside Paul’s head’’ to me was my fav part. It shows images of flowers swirling around on the screens allowing you to see his design inspirations and listening to him talk about his label.






The rest of the exhibition shows his photography work and his collaborations. Very impressive to see.


The last room, is a large Post-it note with the words ‘’Everyday is a new beginning’’. He couldn’t have put it more perfectly.


Couldn’t resist a pic with the one and only. Does the cardboard cut out of him mirror his true height I wonder….


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