Gigilovesblake for some mum sass in your life

Gigilovesblake for some mum sass in your life

Gigilovesblake for a bit of mum sass is something to get excited about. Being a mummy blogger, I always love it when I meet other mummies and sharing parenting tips and experiences. It is reassuring to hear that actually everyone struggles with motherhood, whether you are a single mum or not. I was introduced to the lovely collection of Gigilovesblake. #supercool .Gigilovesblake
I met the lovely Joey, the creator of GiGilovesblakes and had a lovely coffee date discussing Gigilovesblake.  I fell in love with her hashtags t- shirt range. I for one am obsessed with slogan t-shirts and some of her collection I can relate to.

Thanks for the #strong tee and bag. This totally sums me up right now. The last few years have been a struggle, but I am strong, determined and keep moving forward trying to motivate myself everyday.  I want to thank all my friends who have given me hope in life and tell me everyday how amazing I am and for everything I have done for my little tot. Your kind words and support means the world to me and hearing that you all believe in me is touching.

So the Gigilovesblake collection…

It is ”a #minimalistic lifestyle brand creating #monochrome apparel for all #humans based around #socialmedia hashtags of #virtual communities”. Her collection ranges from t-shirts, to bags to trinkets and other accessories. Pretty awesome collection I must say.

Here is a little Q & A with the one and only…

1- How do you work on Gigilovesblake
I work on Gigilovesblake part-time as my full-time job is tower planning. (Supermom)

2-Who inspires you
So many people. For me the biggest step of going on IG seeing mums dealing with so many things, mums in general inspire me. We don’t realise how hard it is to be a mum, the whole role, the day-to-day care of your child as well as doing the food, laundry and other mandatory daily tasks.

3- Where do see the range taking off to.
I want to promote my brand but I am quite shy and a bit overwhelmed that it’s taken off as it has.

I want to raise awareness of post natal depression (PND) as I had it with two of my kids. I give 10% from my family apparel range to a PND charity. I will also be selling my collection via Lobella Loves who also donates money to PND charities. I am also working with Jo from Lobella Loves on their notes for the “hope campaign” which involves PND survivors writing letters to those currently going through PND to help and support them.

I am also currently also working on a #sparkle range to help raise money for a little girl who has a very rare disease of Gold Blatt syndrome.

4- How do you relax
Pilates hundred percent. I do it about 10/15 mins a day at home and I go once a week to a class with my best friend. I Don’t take my phone with me, we just have a laugh and it’s amazing.

There you have it…

This woman has amazed me. Anyone going through PND should definitely look at the work she has done and I’m sure she won’t mind if you contact her on IG for advice  She shared her experiences with me which was amazing to hear. Sometimes it’s not about the support you have, she had a nanny, grandparents to help out but still suffered from PND. You are not alone, there are many people you can speak to that have and are going through this and come out smiling and stronger than ever.

Be #kool and check out her range.


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