A Spot Of Shopping


Someone got a little excited with the Harrods and Harvey Nichols  pre sale 30% off! May as well start early and avoid the horrendous sale queues!


See no mad rush! Not a person in sight! Just me, the clothes and the mannequins. Just the way I like to shop. My tot was a lil groggy all day so couldn’t go too crazy with the shopping.

My take home buys today:

– Armani belt for my little treasure from Harrods

-Splendid vest in grey

-Wildfox tee

-Michael Kors jeans

I’m wearing Zara jeans, Carvela boots, Gap jumper and a fury friend from Banana Republic (faux fur).


My son soon built up an appetite and so we stopped off at Harvey Nichols cafe on the 5th floor. Of course he ate 10% of his food and wanted to run around the cafe. We got a few annoyed looks from a couple sitting across us but hey the cafe has a kids menu so by default, it’s a baby friendly place.


Look what I discovered at the back of the menu. I think I enjoyed this game more than he did. Mind you, he is far too young.


Someone was more  interested with my drink than his Thai Green curry, not suprising.


Somebody is looking very sparkly for Christmas.


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