5 girls Early Spring tops

5 girls Early Spring tops

If you are anything like me, a lover of the sun and hater of cold weather, then Spring just doesn’t cut it for us. I am Middle Eastern, so anything below 28 degrees is still cold for me hence the need for my big Zara blanket scarf that is still firmly wrapped around my neck even on Early Spring days in London. 5 girls Early Spring tops

Sod this weather, I want some real sunshine now, you know the type where you can feel the heat against your cheek, you hair feels hot in the sunshine and when you can actually sport sandals and a tee and not feel cold. This mix of wind and sporadic appearance of sunshine just doesn’t do it for me.

Early Spring attire? Jumpers, and more jumpers. Well we are in the UK after all so we dress with caution and always have a brolley to hand, even in the Summer.

I am having a little obsession with the cold shoulder look right now. A cheeky show of skin is a great way to add a bit of ”flirty” character to any look.

What do you think of this collection? What is your favourite piece? I quite I like the Boohoo studded number and Topshop grey ruffles the best.


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