Detox Your Way Into 2014

New Year is a time for reflection on the past year, setting goals for the new year…

So who’s New Year’s Resolution is to eat healthy and stay away from the sweeter things in life? That has been mine every year and I stick to it until about mid January then give up.

This year I have set myself a more realistic goal and that is to try something new at least once a month. I say once  a month because if I set it at once a  week, I know I will never stick to it. I have already started on my journey of goals and we are not even half way through January yet! Someone is keen!

So… I was always so fascinated in seeing girls on the street with their locks wrapped so perfectly around a hair bun accessory and thought to myself why not give this a go.  I wondered into H and M and brought myself one of these with a packet of hair grips and set off home like I was on a mission. Half an hour later I was left with what looked like a lop sided bad hair day tie up.  No tutorials coming your way yet I’m afraid as I haven’t quite mastered it as yet. Let’s just say the bun was still in place after a couple of hours, which wasn’t the case for most of my hair but hey this was my first time trying on one of these.

If any of you have any great tips please share. I am not so brave to ask a complete stranger on the street!

So for all of you out there who want some general advice on de-toxing your body, then you have come to the perfect place and what better way to start the year:)

Detox your body..what does this mean?

I don’t personally believe in the three-day juice diet, or better still, eating apples for a week or any other ridiculous fad diets. These crash diets deplete your body of essential electrolytes and healthy gut bacteria. The body in actual fact de-toxifies itself through the liver and kidneys and they are working every minute of the day so you don’t need any fad diets to do the job but  you can do certain things to augment the bodies own natural de-toxing system. Allowing your body to detox naturally is the way to go.
Listen up.. Next few minutes of reading is crucial

My 10 detox pointers:

1-Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help to support the kidneys by increasing urinary output.
You should be doing this 365 days a year! When I say plenty, I mean at least 2 Litres a day.  Sometimes thirst can manifest itself as hunger, so you start to eat more but in actual fact your body needs more fluid.

2. Drink Green Tea.  This will help rid your body of unwanted toxins. Try not to drink later than 6pm as it contains caffeine, so it will keep you alert. And no it doesn’t directly cause weight loss as everyone believes, well that’s what I think anyway. Yes you may lose weight as a result of drinking Green Tea, but that is because you are ridding your body of toxins which can cause you to become bloated or constipated. If you aren’t constipated or bloated, then drinking Green Tea doesn’t make shed pounds I’m afraid. That is just a myth.

3. A couple of mornings a week, squeeze half a lemon in water. The P.H in the lemon is acidic and helps to rid body of toxins and cleanses the system.

4. Avoid sugary and saturated fatty foods. Hard I know. I allow myself a portion once a week. When I say a portion, I mean either for example one slice of cake , one crepe, one scone, a bar of chocolate. You get my drift.
5. Make sure you eat a balanced diet.. Five portions of veg and fruit a day is reasonable.

6. Increase fibre content in your diet. This will to help to get the bowls moving and reduce constipation and feeling sluggish.

7. Try and do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week, be it walking, running etc. to increase  lymphatic  circulation. Even walking 20 minutes a day should suffice.

9. Dry body brushing also helps increase lymphatic circulation hence ridding your body of unwanted toxins.

7. Reduce alcohol, caffeine and cigarette  intake as  they cause toxin build up.  Being the New Year and that, it’s a great time to quit the ciggys. Besides it’s far too cold these days to have to make your way outside to light one up. I will probably get some stick for my next sentence…”it’s all in the mind”. Generally speaking you don’t necessarily need nicotine patches, gums ect to quit. I have plenty of friends that woke up one morning and thought to themselves, to hell with cigarettes, I’m spending far too much money and quit just like that. And these were all people who would smoke 20 or more a day. Just tell yourself you can do it! However, if you are having a particular hard time or you have other things going on in your life and you need a little helper, then yes maybe nicotine replacement therapies are a good option.

10.   Reduce stress.  Stress hormones produces toxins and slows down the bodies de-toxing system. Find yourself a local yoga instructor and join in on some classes. Stress and spot breakouts also come hand in hand. (Kill two birds with one stone with stress buster methods).

As a last lil pointer, it is worth knowing that healthy inside means healthier skin. “Beauty starts from the inside and shines outside”. Money spent on buying brightening creams etc could be well saved if you adjusted to a healthier eating habit including drinking plenty of water.  For those of you out there that have invested in face creams containing vitamin C, zinc and anything else that’s good for your skin, just eat and drink these in your diet, I promise you it does the trick.


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