cosmetics A La carte I am singing la la to

cosmetics A La carte I am singing la la to


We are all crazy about matching lipstick colours, eye shadows to our skin that often we forget about our foundation being the right match. How many of you have sat on the train and come across someone with totally the wrong colour foundation? I have more than a few times. 

Bespoke foundation came about 40 years ago when two women put their heads together to come up with tailored foundation to suit your skin. They opened the store in knightsbridge- perfect location if you ask me, minutes away from Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

Thanks A La Carte Cosmetics for the invite to the store and these yummy goodies:)

I will take you through my products and give them a try for yourself, you will fall in love with them.

1-Custom blend foundation

I like my foundation a little dewy so I chose a sheer tint base. This I am told is medium coverage and can be buildable.


2-Mineral pressed powder

The great thing about mineral powders and foundations are that they are super light and allows the skin to breathe. I am having major acne break outs so this perfect for me right now and heavy make-up would just be feeding my acne which I don’t want.

3- Shimmer outliner

You can use brush and wear this as an eyeliner too. I went for Dragonfly. It’s very pigmented and gives me that vibrant sea green look:) Great when you want to grab a guys attention. I smudge a bit on my finger and work it on my lids.

4- Eye brow Ink

If you obsess over your eyebrows then you will love this. They come in three shades, I you Taupe. Currently I am using Make Up Forever liquid gel and apply it using a brush. But with this brow tint, I don’t need to fuss about applying gel to my hand rummaging inside my make up bag to find the little brush. I just sweep over my eyebrows and voila- perfect defined eyebrows and long-lasting.

5-Total lift off cleanser and toner

I was running out of my DHC usual cleanser so perfect timing for this to land into my hands. Does it do a total lift off job? I have to say I think DHC still beats this make-up remover. I didn’t find that it removed all my eye make-up. But if you are the type to not wear eye make-up then this would be great for you. You dab some on a cotton pad and sweep over your face and finish by splashing your face with water. I loved the rose  it gives off and my skin did glow after one application. I would use this again:)


I viewed their vast eye shadow range-from blues to browns to pinks. I was tempted to try them all on.

They have five different types of concealers, as well as your own custom blend concealer. If you are after a camouflage look then the perfect cover would be your type of thing. It gives you full coverage.


I stayed away from the lipstick range as I tend to go a little crazy and apply them all on only to realise I forgot how the first looked like.

A la Carte Cosmetics is the definite way to go if you are after a skin match foundation/concealer/make-up. The team here are lovely and helpful which is always an added bonus.

Plus there are a number of great cafes around the store so you can relax and sip of some coffee and cake admiring your buys after your visit. I recommend  L’Eto which is just around the corner. The Vanilla latte is a must try and their cakes are mouth-watering.



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