About moi… Firstly my name is Sarah.

How do I describe myself? Well this is a tough one, how do I start this. In no particular order; funny, talkative, outgoing, smart, loving . Well I hope that is how people would describe me:)
I always think If I ever got asked the question, how would I desribe myself in one word, what would I say…

  • Private
  • Quirky
  • Spontaneous
  • optimistic
  • creative

So thats five rolled into one, is that allowed? Well first I would probably say private because I like to keep my personal life and family seperate from my friends. I know your’e all thinking if I’m a private person then why blog. Well I like to keep in contact with my friends and share my stories of life, going out, fashion and more importantly share my food receipes! So second; spontaneous, third; quirky, fourth; creative and optimistic as a close fifth.

Ethnicity? Well I have had Spanish, Lebanese, Brazilian and Italian thrown my way. Can anyone guess? I’m as one would say ‘mixed breed’; I’m half Egyptian and half Pakistani (taken aboard more of the Egyptian side).

I’m a sister, cousin, daughter and most importantly a mother of a beautiful boy. As every mother would say, kids change your life! I used to think thats so cliche, but it’s actually true. I never realised how much until I had my gorgeous treasure. He is a blessing in my life. So here is a cliche for you, there is no bond like the one between a mother and a child:) .

I’ll leave you with 10 random facts about me:

1-Biggest achievement in life: having a baby

2-Obssessed with fashion and beauty and adoreeeee baking cakes

3-Nothing excites me more than a new stamp in my passport and getting my feet dirty in a new place

4-Always dreamed of being a tennis champion, being 31, I think I have passed my sell by date. Watch out son, I think your career path has already been chosen for you:)

5-All time favourite song: David Gray -Be mine

6-Love eating out and discovering new places

7-I ALWAYS visit pharmacies in foreign countries to compare them to here ( sound strange to you? I’m a pharmacist so I guess it’s expected)

8- Repulsed by bad fashion sense, especially bad shoe taste!

9- Hate fake and jealous people. I have a handful of true friends (you know who you are) which is far better than 100 acquaintences.

10-Feel at peace when I’m by the river Nile or if it’s at least in sight. No place can compare.

If any of you readers/followers out there want to get in touch with me or ask me any questions, ( no dodgy emails please) please feel free contact me on facebook, twitter or email me on: mycitymylondon1@gmail.com



  1. September 21, 2017 / 6:19 pm

    You no.10 ❤️ I love the Nile… and I know the feeling of being at peace there. It’s just beautiful. I have Egyptian and Indian roots but have taken only mainly my Egyptian side. So much in common! ❤️

    • admin
      September 24, 2017 / 10:40 pm

      Isn’t it just:)

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