Phillies cafe for ..

I love High street Kensington, probably one of my favourite spots in London. Aside from the endless number of shops that line the high street (dangerous for my wallet), they also have the best cafe and restaurants.  Phillies cafe for a spot of lunch was on the menu for today.IMG_6020 [Read more…]

What Made Me Smile..

I enjoy writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it allows me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced and makes me grateful for what I have in my life.mummy blogger [Read more…]

Being in an introv..

An introvert paired up with an extrovert, is that a match made in heaven? How do you make a relationship like this work?relationships [Read more…]

Mummy stop asking ..

So the natural thing to do when you pick up your kids from school is ask how their day went, you know the usual like,  what did you learn at school today? Who did you play with? It is normal right? And it would be nice if from time to time if I got a decent response other than ‘mummy stop asking me questions school…’IMG_0960 [Read more…]

Day trip to Bright..

As we enter the month of September, we are seeing more and more of wind and rain! And the talk of Autumn is all over Instagram! Yikes already? I haven’t had enough of Summer yet, as the Egyptian saying goes, mashb3tsh min el seif lesa. On a hot Summers day, me and another mum were sitting in the park, watching our tots run crazy and we thought to ourselves why don’t we head to the beach for a day for some fun in the sea. A day trip to Brighton it was.brighton pier [Read more…]

How to make the pe..

Autumn is here so a hearty bowl of warm porridge is very much-needed in the mornings, A to fuel your body and B just for the warmth feeling to contrast the wind and rain outside.healthy porridge [Read more…]

First day of schoo..

First day of school and there were tears. I’ve waited for this day for as long as I can remember.

first day at school

[Read more…]

Children’s b..

Three words in one sentence that made me go aaaaahhhhhh; children’s, birthday and planning! I know I speak for a lot of moms out there when I say  birthday planning can be a nightmare which can take a lot of time and effort, not to mention patience!childrens birthday party [Read more…]

Make-up by Ahmad A..

The month of August is what I like to call ” wedding fever” because I feel like everyone is getting either engaged or married in August.

Don’t you just feel like just about everyone you know is getting married? IMG_5878 [Read more…]

What Made Me Smile..

I enjoy writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it allows me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced and makes me grateful for what I have in my life.IMG_4790 [Read more…]

London Nursery Sch..

Summer schoolCome the Summer holidays and I feel like I want to hibernate for two months! Do I speak for all you moms out there? [Read more…]

What Made Me Smile..

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I enjoy writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it allows me to reflect on happy moments I have experienced and makes me grateful for what I have in my life.

[Read more…]

My Ethos is to alw..

My Ethos is to eat healthy always. Trust me in time, you will reap the benefits. That doesn’t mean you cannot indulge a bit here and there. Nobody eats healthy everyday all year round, even skinny models  don’t.


[Read more…]

Matcha Chia puddin..

So you all know by now I am a huge lover for matcha because of its super antioxidant power:) This coupled with chia seeds gives a super antioxidant boost:) I have recipe for you all that combines these two which makes a great alternative to your usual oats/Weetabix breakfast, well my usual that is- Matcha chia pudding for breakfast.

Matcha chia pudding [Read more…]

What Made Me Smile..

I enjoy writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it allows me to reflect on happy moments I have experienced and makes me grateful for what I have in my life.IMG_0322 [Read more…]

Wheat-free pizza b..

Take a pizza of my heart now baby…

I will never eat a regular pizza now having tried this awesome spinach and pea based wheat-free pizza bases. With the being said, I did munch my way through a Pizza Express pizza the other day, although it was the ‘lighter option’ one. wheat free pizza base [Read more…]

Estimation Nation ..

In collaboration with Smart Energy GB– a national campaign for the roll out of smart meters, I was invited to support their recent Estimation Nation Campaign where people imagine living in a world where they would have to estimate everything.Baking Challenge_Smart Energy GB_209 [Read more…]

What Made Me Smile..

I enjoy writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it allows me to reflect on happy moments I have experienced and makes me grateful for what I have in my life.pic 1 [Read more…]

AproDerm creams fo..

I am a lover of all things natural, especially when it comes to using skin products on children. AproDerm is a new line of creams that are free of parabens, halogens, and fragrances and colours used for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.unnamed

[Read more…]

WhatMadeMeSmile #5

I love writing my weekly What Made Me Smile list because it makes me reflect on happy moments I have experienced and makes me grateful for what I have in my life.IMG_4515 [Read more…]

Aldi back to schoo..

It is that time of the year when parents start to think about buying school uniform, making their lists and ticking off their checklists. Aldi back to school uniform package has launched a uniform pack at a bargain of just £4, beating rival Marks and Spencer, saving parents a whopper  74%!2 [Read more…]

Life after Brexit

Our kids have been robbed of a lifetime of opportunities. How did we let this happen I keep asking myself? I have never been so worried for the future after waking up to Fridays news of ‘we are out of the EU’! This is the worst break-up. #divorcebreakupdoesntcomeclose. Life after Brexit looks glum.IMG_3067

[Read more…]

Mocha Frappuccino ..

Even though the weather may not reflect the Season of Summer we are currently in, that doesn’t mean we cannot indulge in Frappes (my favourite iced drink) EVERRRRRR! frapp 2 [Read more…]

My top 5 tips on h..

Motivation can be quite a hard one to tackle. You can be motivated or demotivated very easily and if you are anything like me, certain life factors can also contribute to which way the scales tip. If you are feeling a little lost, scared or need a nudge in the right direction then go make your self a cup of tea, get your pen and notebook out and have a read and bookmark this page for future reference.motivation tips [Read more…]


Smiles, smiles and more smiles this past week. Welcome back to the WhatMadeMeSmile# list.1 [Read more…]

Learning about aft..

As part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and Fans of London Campaign,  I was invited to learn about afternoon tea etiquette by the one and only etiquette and protocol expert William Hanson.afternoon tea queens 90th birthday

[Read more…]

Billybandit clothi..

If you are anything like me and like to dress up your little ones and get all excited with blazer jackets and bow ties, then Billybandit is for you. Also the girls dresses have to be some of the cutest I have ever seen, and I was certainly left the store feeling very broody and desperately wanting a little girl.  If you haven’t heard of Billybandit, then head over to Westfields Shepherds Bush for a browse and the team here are extremely helpful and friendly and would help you put together an outfit be it for an occasion or just an everyday look.Billybadnit childrens clothing [Read more…]


We are back with WhatMadeMeSmile#3 and remembering the things that made me smile this week. It has been an eventful week with memories being made, new friends and families were formed and feeling rather pleased with myself for keeping to my to do [Read more…]

How to make the pe..

Matcha love for this type of latte which is of course super healthy. It makes a perfect accessory to a sweet dish, kind of contradictory I know but I enjoyed one last week at Le Pain over some scones with jam and cream-blissful.Mighty matcha latte [Read more…]

Cottons Caribbean ..

If you haven’t cotton-ed on yet and heard of the new Caribbean eatery in Notting Hill, well then you are missing out. Cottons Caribbean restaurant has opened its doors to the public.IMG_4530 [Read more…]

Raw no-bake cheese..

For those health conscious little souls out there that like a treat every now and again but want something healthy and clean, then raw desserts especially these raw no bake cheesecakes are the way to go. But be warned, they are super addictive like my raw chocolate chip cookies. They have to be one of the best guilt-free treats I have ever made with these cheesecake firmly making a stand at second place.raw cheesecake [Read more…]


We are back again with the WhatMadeMeSmile#2 and remembering all the things that put a smile on my face this [Read more…]

Porridge to fuel y..

Nothing will fuel your body more than a hearty bowl of porridge. It tastes even better in the Winter months when all you want to eat is something hot and creamy to warm you up. It is definitely a good breakfast option if you feel like it will be a day of running around and you need an energy boost (you sure will burn all the carbs).porridge [Read more…]

Zara black sandals..

So I must admit to you all that I brought these Zara black tassel sandals (a beauty) a while back but have only just recently started to wear them with the sun finally starting to make an appearance .IMG_4779 [Read more…]

What Made Me Smile..

We often remember all the good things that occur in our lives but forget to be thankful for them and be grateful for what we have. After reading the book ‘The Secret’, I try to remember each day to thank God for what I have in my life in order for positive things to occur. Here is to my first  What Made Me Smile#1 post.

feeling happy

[Read more…]

Danone Fat- free, ..

Did someone say fat-free and no added sugar yoghurt? The perfect yoghurt in a pot I say. Thanks Danone for the invite to this Light & Free launch event.vloggers at the greek style yoghurt free and light launch event [Read more…]

My Top places to t..

Coming from such a mixed background myself, it should come as no surprise to you guys that I love to travel and experience new cultures. I thought I would put together my top places to travel for those travel bugs that are thinking of booking of somewhere to go this Summer.

trevi foundation top places to travel
[Read more…]

Gluten-free Quinoa..

Anyone that knows me would know that if they put scones on a plate with some jam and cream, I will love them forever. My favourite high tea snack of all time. These gluten-free quinoa scones are to die for.gluten-free quinoa scones [Read more…]

Treating eczema us..

The word ‘Skinfix‘ totally grabbed my attention. Anything that involves making your skin better I would want to know about it. Treating eczema using Skin fix is the answer for a natural solution. skinfix products [Read more…]

A visit to Little ..

With a quick google search on London’s weather, I realised the forecast was a whopping 17 degrees for the Sunday and so with this information I took it upon myself to make use of the day. I stumbled across the Little Venice canal boating event which actually slipped my mind this year. Thanks google search for including this event in one of the top searches of ‘what to do in this bank holiday’.Little Venice [Read more…]

5 embarrassing phr..

The threenager years from what I have experienced aside from the tantrums and troublesome times, are probably one of the most cutest period. It is during this time that they start to communicate in full sentences and comment on things and even talk back at you.IMG_3067 [Read more…]

Quinoa and caulifl..

The perfect meat-free balls you will ever try:) I promise you. And they are super easy to eat, you can pop them into your mouth whilst reading up on the latest gossip; did Jay Z really cheat on Beyonce with Rachel Roy? IMG_3745 [Read more…]

Roma, Roma where a..

rome cafe 2 - Copy - Copy - Copy
[Read more…]

The ‘Elmer&#..

Thanks Rowe for this awesome piece:) I figured with the weather being so gloomy these days, a splash of colour would do my mood some good. This cardigan sure does turn heads. A total reminder of Elmer the elephant right?IMG_3030 [Read more…]

All fun and games ..

Who doesn’t like a huge mall with endless number of shops, cafes, restaurants and more importantly plenty of kids areas? Well it is important for me, because dragging the little one to a few shops is hard enough let alone spend half a day shopping! Impossible. There needs to be a little break involving some sort of  kids entertainment otherwise we will both be pulling each others hair out!IMG_3067 [Read more…]

10 signs you know ..

It has been just over two years since this baby was born. When I started out, I considered myself more of a fashion blogger but now I would say I am more of a lifestyle/mummy blogger. I love it, and for me it is more of a hobby and I guess I am seeing where it could potentially take me.

IMG_2669 [Read more…]

Vegan chocolate ch..

You can never have enough chocolate around the house. If you are anything like me in that you always need to munch on something, then these healthy vegan chocolate chip cookie bites are just what you need to sink your teeth in. Avoid biscuits/crisps and sweets like the plague and start leading a healthy life. The icing on the cake really is that there is no weighing/measuring and baking involved! Yea to no kitchen mess.IMG_1065

[Read more…]

Breakfast like an ..

I couldn’t keep this one to myself! It is way too good not to share.IMG_3171 [Read more…]

The ‘luxury&..

The luxury of a stay at home mom. There is a general assumption that a stay at home mum means you are living the ‘luxury’ life and your days are easy.

1 [Read more…]

Goat cheese with s..

I came across the lovely Rosie’s goats cheese and scrambled egg recipe and I couldn’t resist but give them a go. It was so delicious that  had to share it with you all. The topped capers make a salty alternative compared to my usual choice of mushrooms or spinach. They were eggceptionally good.IMG_2715

[Read more…]

I would pocket thi..

Take note in ‘casual’, which seems to be my staple outfit style these days. I blame the London weather for that. I could have paired this up with black tights with no skin to bare but I wanted to deviate away from my usual standard of ‘tights with dress’ look. It was too much of a great dress length not to be playful with.


[Read more…]

Home made yoghurt ..

If you are as busy as I am and cannot take the time out for a luxury facial then a home-made facial is just what you need. This yoghurt and lemon face mask does wonders for my skin.IMG_2991 [Read more…]

vegetable fritters..

When cooking I like to kill two birds in one stone. I never cook for the tot and make a separate meal for me, like I have all the time in the world for that! Unless I am feeding him fish fingers and pizza. Although having said that, I usually end up eating half his pizza slice anyway.


[Read more…]

Divine dinner at W..


After having a lovely afternoon for my birthday at West 36, I couldn’t wait to make another trip here but this time for an all out three course dinner. [Read more…]

Green with envy pa..

If you knew me well then you would know that I am a complete pancake addict especially if they involve crunchy flaked almonds and dripping melted nutella-totally orgasmic.


[Read more…]

The best steak and..

I generally jump to the idea of a lunch date and especially if it in the company of another mum . The thought of escaping the tantrums of a screaming toddler, having a natter and sharing motherhood tips is always appealing. Although on this occasion, I had no choice in leaving the little monster behind so he became part of my accessory for the day. My mood was in dire need of lifting so I totally embraced an afternoon with the lovely company of Becca over best steak and fries in town- Le Relais De Venise with open arms. Only the French do it well.


[Read more…]

My ‘me time&..


Being a mum, I find it hard to have any ‘me time’. Nobody can really prepare you for motherhood, and people will say, it is a full on job, but only once you have experienced it you know exactly what everybody is talking about. [Read more…]

Parental tips on s..

IMG_9509For most parents, balancing the books is a hard job. You’re not just responsible for yourself but for your little one too. We all can get carried away from time to time and spend a little more than we should, I know I am definitely guilty of this. [Read more…]

London Fashion Wee..

London Fashion Week  AW16 collections was full of colour and eye-catching designs. The Winter season sure does need brightening up.

The day kicked off with the Eudon Choi show.

IMG_2117I mean these shoes, gorgeous right?

IMG_2121I have never worn an all pleated dress, but this actually looks pretty awesome:)


I headed to the designer showrooms for a little nose around.IMG_2130IMG_2128IMG_2127

IMG_2143IMG_2141IMG_2132Some fun shooting by the Sunglass Hut,  think I prefer the white shades.

IMG_2146IMG_2145And couldn’t leave without getting a personalised sunglass case.

IMG_2148The Tony and Guy team were ready to work their magic on your locks.

IMG_2149And Maybelline to give you that wow factor.

IMG_2152These gluten free Eton Mess sweets drew me to their counter. I can’t really blame my little one for running at the sight of sweets now can I really?

IMG_2157IMG_2158IMG_2164IMG_2163IMG_2193The Edeline Lee presentation was spectacular.

IMG_2199With the lovely Edeline herself.

IMG_2172IMG_2196IMG_2179IMG_2181This babe-Banke is one of the nicest bloggers I have met:)

It was a final wrap with the Paul Costelloe’s show which never fails to impress me.IMG_2249These coats:) And love how it has been paired up with over the knee socks.


IMG_2261Una from the Saturdays always makes an appearance. Green with envy. I fell in love with her coat.

IMG_2225IMG_2222Some babes dressed in Paul Costelloe.

IMG_2262Reneta (fashion blogger) looking fabulous as always.

IMG_2268I noticed this gorgeous girl, the lovely Lydia across the room and commented on how flawless she looked. Definitely check out her pictures on Instagram- a total babe.

What a day:)


Top 5 kids activit..

IMG_9863This is for all you moms that cannot be at home with their tots for more than an hour and for all those with energetic kids that a few puzzles and drawings just isn’t enough entertainment for them.

I for one cannot be at home with my three year old for more than 2 hours at a time, otherwise I am literally pulling my hair out. To stay sane, I try my hardest to be outdoors, but with the weather lately it is not very appealing to be out and about. With the sun making a regular appearance lately, Summer feels like it is just around the corner.

My top 5 activities for tots in London:


You cannot go wrong with a good old run around the park. Make sure there are swings, sea-saws and sand in sight. It is also a great way to get mingling with other mums who are in the same situation as you, and you never know, you could pick up a few parenting tips here and there. Or if you are a type of mum that just wants to entertain your kids whilst you check your emails or play a little bingo on your phone, then this is your ‘me time’ moment.

2-Hamleys Toy Store

Every time I pass this store on Regents Street, I am pulled by the little one to go inside. It doesn’t help when you are in a rush and he sees people dressed up in characters blowing bubbles outside the store (great marketing tactic). Be warned, you will leave with your wallet a little lighter. They pretty much have everything in here from toys to gadgets to even cookery utensils. You could easily spend an hour here roaming the different floors of toys.

3-Science museum

From exhibitions to The Garden Pod. They also have certain exhibitions exhibited for a limited time that are often quite good. The Garden Pod located on the lower ground floor has great entertainment to suit all types of characters, ranging from water activities to building blocks and puppet show accessories. There is also the Energy Cafe to pass by on your way out for a little nibble and sit down time.

4-Hands in pasta restaurant

I only recently discovered this place and took another mum along. It is an Italian, family friendly restaurant serving pasta, pizza’s and organic food with a kids play area. The play is charged at £5 per child and you can watch them play whilst you sit and enjoy your meal  with a friend. I find it is a great option because it is all enclosed in one space, and you don’t have to run around keeping your watchful eyes on them all the time. Plus the desserts here are amazing too.

5-The library

I try my very hardest to go at least three times a week with my little one. Depending on the age of the child, I think it is actually the best option out of the 5. With my little tot, I find once we get onto book number two, he starts to become a little dis-interested. My meaning of dis-interested is standing up on the chairs and running around with other kids. Yep so book choice here is important. I try and pick up books that I know will be of interest to him. For older children, there are interactive computer activities and learning games which are also a lot of fun.

And there you have it. Sometimes when I want to do a bit of social media time, I sit in a cafe, buy him a cake and have half an hour to myself. Unless I have more than one treat lined up, a half an hour slot is all I get unfortunately.

What are your go to places with toddlers?


The Nicky Clarke s..


I was invited for a bloggers breakfast and blow dry session to the Nicky Clarke salon in Mayfair. With anything that involves hair, I am totally there. I love being pampered and trying out new hair care products.  [Read more…]

Tommi’s Burg..

IMG_1168I put on my best skirt on, threw on my Emu Australia boots as it was a little nippy and headed over to Kings Road for a late lunch with my sister. Thanks Tommi’s for having us for lunch. [Read more…]

5 minutes in the k..

IMG_1855Life is always greener on the other side. [Read more…]

Red dragon dance a..

IMG_2023Valentines Day was celebrated with my little tot out in China Town over a red dragon dance parade and some street food. [Read more…]

5 things that made..

smileI was sitting on the train and thinking about the things that made me smile this week and thought I would share it with you peeps. I have decided to do a monthly post on #5thingsthatmademesmile. Who wants to join in? 5 things that made me smile will be my new infectious trend, well at least I hope so.  [Read more…]

Freauty nails for ..

IMG_1653Since becoming a mum, I must admit that find it hard to keep my nails in tip-top condition. Forget the colour, I mean the conditioning of he nail itself. Anyway to cut a long story short, I found out about the Freauty app, which literally changed my life. You can download from google play or itunes  [Read more…]

These pancakes are..

IMG_1818Happy Pancake Day:)

These are not your usual flour, eggs and milk pancakes! If you know me, you would know that I am all about the healthier and cleaner option.

[Read more…]

Asos colour blocki..

skirt 1I am having a skirt obsession right now! Totally not like me because when the temperature drops, I like to stick to basics- jeans, a big knit and boots. [Read more…]

Chocolate ganache ..

IMG_1032If we are talking about chocolate, then I would want to know about it and if it is dark chocolate, then I take it up a notch and demolish (finger licking involved) the plate in less than a minute.  Chocolate ganache is sure the Good and Wright thing to do on a weekly basis:)  [Read more…]

Loaded sweet potat..

IMG_0504I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes for their high Vitamin A content. It makes it a perfect meal choice for kids also. [Read more…]

Add a splash of ca..

4I am all for the ‘all black’ look as it is chic, classic and an everyday look for both day and night. I don’t often like exploring the nude- toned coats especially with having olive skin because I just think it clashes. However, I have been going with slightly darker hair in recent months, so I am exploring the nude department and hope I don’t look too washed out. What do you think? Camel coat season is definitely upon us. [Read more…]

Sweets are a toddl..

image1 (1)A short rant about sweets and tots! How on earth did I let one moment of weakness get the better of me and now has my little tot sneaking around in cafes in search for sugar like a heroin addict?! [Read more…]

The Londoners slut..

I came across this from The londoner and had to give them a go. They are exactly what the title says, FILTHY and oozing with chocolate. I call it ‘comfort on a plate’.  [Read more…]

Chinese New Year -..

IMG_0904Ready, get set, CHOPSTICKS!

On 8th February, the year of the Monkey starts-Chinese New Year 2016. What better way to celebrate than with super duper great dim sum and a bunch of friends:) I know exactly where to go for the best  dim sum selection in town-ROYAL CHINA. You can choose to head over to either Baker Street, Fulham Road or the Queensway branch. Celebrate Chinese New Year with style at Royal China. [Read more…]

Don’t judge ..

IMG_7756We have all heard this saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ a few times yet we still do it (even if you say you don’t). Someone made a comment recently which I didn’t agree with and would be lovely to hear your comments/thoughts on this. [Read more…]

New Years Family B..

IMG_0859I thought I would start a new family tradition of Brunching on New Years day at mi casa. I made it a brunch so some ‘lazy’ members can drag themselves out of bed at what they call a ‘reasonable’ hour. What will you all do when you have kids I wonder?;p No matter how late I stay up untill, it is still always a 7.30am sharp wake up and get ready schedule for me. One of the many joys of motherhood. [Read more…]

5 snacks that incr..

IMG_0653After you are done with all the turkey, Christmas pudding and in my case, the overload of cake and chocolate, you are going to need to feast your eyes on this blog post. Let us start the New Year with a healthy attitude.  [Read more…]

I am the mum who&#..


Let’s start the ”I am the mum who” tag and see what responses we get. Being a mum, there are a hundred of embarrassing and naughty things we have done/do on a daily basis. [Read more…]

It’s all abo..


It is all about the cosy knits this Winter. I am having a little grey obsession these days and have to buy everything in grey, even for my little one. He has about 5 grey jumpers right now that he is sporting. I guess psychologically I am trying to match my colour obsession with the weather. [Read more…]

My favourite three..

IMG_0617My favourite three breakfast ideas all rolled into one:) French toast, oats and banana and chocolate. I think I died and went to heaven. [Read more…]

Who said mulled wi..

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Who said mulled wine were only made for adults? The kids can sure join in on this festive drink. It is  super-duper easy to make. Just put on Peppa Pig on the iPad/phone or whatever piece of technology you are most savvy with to entertain your little ones for 10 minutes while you put this together:)
[Read more…]

Already putting pe..

NRys res

I know what you are all thinking, its only the beginning of December, but what is that saying, ‘there is no time like the present’? There sure isn’t! On New Years day, I tend to feel a bit yuk, feeling too bloated from the large intake of Turkey and chocolate over the Christmas period and emotionally feeling a little all over the place thinking about what I should be doing to kick off the New Year to a great start, so I figured that I would be in a better head space if I started putting pen to paper to make my list now. [Read more…]

Christmas Nut Roas..

IMG_0490I thought I would start the ball rolling with the Christmas treats since we are on Day 15 till Christmas. I can’t believe we are around the corner to Christmas now. This year has definitely flow by. [Read more…]

To be or not to be..


Interesting topic… A recent conversation with four gorgeous, well-educated and funny girls in their 30s prompted me to write this post. You know who you all are:) [Read more…]

Yumbox for all the..


Hmmm which shall I start with? They are all too healthy. Let’s go with the olives and I can hit the raisins later when I need an energy surge!

[Read more…]

The ”perfect..


Finally, after years of reading about facial peels in the magazines and seeing countless number of celebs rave about it, I made the decision to just go with it and see what all the fuss is all about. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous because you just have no way of knowing how your skin will react to it, but the perfect peel does have a reputation of working very well giving amazing results. The pictures don’t do it justice but in person, you can see a real difference. The result is a lighter, brighter complexion. Sadly the acne marks and spots still remain, but it does help to fade the scars a little.

[Read more…]

10 single mum fact..


I have been a single mum for almost three years now. Gosh how time flies and the job is as every bit gratifying as it is daunting and exhausting. I won’t lie and say it has been an easy ride, sure I have been met with numerous challenges (long nights, major tantrums…list is endless) and sometimes feel like I have hit a dead-end when questioning my parenting skills but I sure have learned a thing or two. His smiles/laughs/milestones and his cute words and phrases are all what makes it seem worthwhile. [Read more…]

My Routine- Dare t..

IMG_0008I think I can speak for every mum out there when I say ”there isn’t enough hours in a day”! I really struggle everyday getting things done. Time just flies..and in this case ”not when you’re having fun”. My routine ? Well it involves the basics.

[Read more…]

Oats in a mug for ..

photo (24)

What do you get when you soak oats in milk with a dash of honey and chia seeds? A creamy delicious pot of goodness that keeps hunger locked till lunch. [Read more…]

Mademoiselle Prive..

IMG_0008When I heard there was a Chanel exhibition in London town, I made sure I put this on my to do list. Judging by the high standard and originality of the Fashion shows, I knew it would be a good one! And I wasn’t wrong, good was a huge understatement-I was blown away. It was phenomenal.  [Read more…]

Family, great food..

image (18)A trip to Amman for a family affair came with laughter, fun and bags of toddler tantrums. I have been dying to visit this beautiful country  Jordan  for the past 10 years. Sadly I didn’t get to see Petra which has been on my to do list for yearsssss! I am hopeful I can tick this one off my list soon though. Anyone getting married in Jordan? I am available:p [Read more…]

Oaty Bananas for b..

banana oats

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast and it is true! Eat well at breakfast and you won’t be binging later, trust me! And when I say eat well, I don’t mean bacon and eggs, with a side of heart healthy sausages. [Read more…]

Sugar-free, Gluten..

photo 4Pumpkin season is upon us and what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a pumpkin cheesecake and a cup of thick dark chocolate to hand. Now that is what I call a balanced diet:)

I’ve changed the recipe slightly and substituted the sugar for agave syrup for a healthier touch. A gluten-free, sugar-free pumpkin cheesecake coming right up.


The crust-

1/4 cup of almond flour

1 tbsp of cocao powder

1tbs of pumpkin puree

2 tbs agave syrup

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbs almond milk


3-4 tbs almond milk

1 cup of greek yoghurt or (half cup of yoghurt and half Philadelphia spread)

250g of pumpkin puree

1/4 cup of agave syrup

1 egg

1 tbs corn flour

1/2tsp cinnamon

2tsp vanilla extract

Chocolate drizzle

around 60g of dark chocolate

2tbs almond milk



Now I cut up and oven baked my pumpkin first for an hour in the oven. alternatively you can buy ready-made pumpkin puree.

1-Pre heat oven to 180 degrees celsius and grease a small springform pan

2-For the crust combine all ingredients without almond milk and mix thoroughly, then add the almond milk a bit at a time until you are left with a thick kind of cake mixturephoto 1

3-Pop in the oven for 15 minutes and then take out and cool aside

4-Meanwhile make the filling by combining all ingredients in a blender machine and pour over crust and pop back in the oven for around 50-60 minutes (until tops are brown)photo 2

5-Allow to chill in the fridge for 2-3 hours

6-Make the chocolate drizzle by heating the chocolate in the microwave and mixing every 15 seconds until a smooth liquid paste is formed and drizzle over the cake

photo (22)photo 5

I had some dark chocolate left over and so took 1 large tablespoon and add almond milk to make a creamy hot chocolate:)photo 3

It is a definite must try I say. Invite your friends over and indulge in this healthy Halloween treat.

Give me your comments below. I would love to hear your comments.


Snug as a bug feet..

IMG_9597With the big chill approaching us soon, you will want to get prepared now and get some warm walkies to enter Winter with. What better way to do it than with EMU Australia boots don’t you think? [Read more…]

Baby gifts on your..

photo 1

There is nothing like receiving a personalised gift through your letter box:) Thanks My 1st Years for the personalised toddler bag pack. [Read more…]

Some Kiehl’s..

image (17)

We would all love to walk around with no make-up having flawless skin, zero bags and with that soft pink natural blush on the cheeks. This doesn’t happen in my world but we can use get a good skin routine going to help keep our skin looking good.

[Read more…]

Zoodles and squash

IMG_9480Another low carb lunch dish for you all to go feast your eyes on. I am a huge fan of using a spirilizer:) Although, I haven’t used it much recently, and I need to get back onto the bandwagon to keep with my healthy eating habits #cleaneating. [Read more…]

Grain-free banana ..


It is that time again for another grain-free , sugar- free cake for all you healthy ones out there! For this I used solely coconut flour, although it is meant to contain some almond flour, hence it is a little crumbly and used a bit less honey and dairy-free butter. [Read more…]

Cannes by night an..


This post is a tiny winy bit late because I got a bit side tracked! But I promise lots of great pictures. Just writing this post makes me want to book a flight and head out to the South of France again:) And maybe alone this time! As much as I love my son, a holiday isn’t a holiday with kids. The thought of slipping into my swimwear and lounging on a sunbed all day seems so far fetched. Till next Summer I guess. [Read more…]

Middle Eastern fee..


Designs all the way from India- the Hema Kaul SS16 to kick off with Day 2 which came with breakfast consisting of fresh croissants, fruit platters and seriously good coffee:)  [Read more…]

Day 1 of LFW was c..


Day 1 of LFW was definitely eventful and colourful:) The first day is always the best because in my opinion, you see the most craziest outfits, (people tend to go crazy the first day). [Read more…]

Spicy chocolate mo..

IMG_8838It is that time again for a recipe post and yup it involves chocolate and that is dark chocolate. My love for dark chocolate is still going and going strong:) But it is dark chocolate so an ingestion of plenty of antioxidants, almonds for a boost of healthy fats and protein and a hint of chili for that increase in metabolism kick. See I told you it is full of goodness. [Read more…]

An all in white af..


Diner en Blanc:) An all in white affair involved white napkins, picnic baskets, white dresses, live music and a bunch of happy people. [Read more…]

The best doctor in..


Heard the saying, ”an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Private joke (should have eaten plenty of these in my days) :p [Read more…]

A night with Romeo..

photo 5Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a romantic at heart and so any love story or anything associated with romance gets my blood pumping through my heart faster and makes me weak at the knees. Yep and I love a guy to be a romantic too. That ”tick box” essential kinda hasn’t diminished with age really! Although I am starting to realise that there are other more important qualities that should make it to the top of my tick box list. [Read more…]

Tis the season for..

IMG_8425There is nothing better than fresh fruit and veg, especially if you have picked them yourself:) [Read more…]

Guilt-free ice-cre..

IMG_8390What would we do without ice-cream in this world? I understand it when people that say ”I am not an ice-cream fan”, I mean how can you not be?

[Read more…]

Pesto and aubergin..

I am a huge fan of finger food! Especially when I have guests over and I need something to entertain them whilst I deal with what’s cooking in the oven. [Read more…]

Let’s go wit..

Let’s go with the flow, since it is Summer and all that.  My jeans collection were made redundant (with British Summer, only for a wee while) with shorts, skirts and dresses being recruited making their way to the front of my rather cluttered looking wardrobe. [Read more…]

Chia seed pudding ..

Every health freak is hot on chia seeds right now:) I mean who wouldn’t be. They contain twice the amount of fibre than porridge, five times more calcium than milk, three times more antioxidant than blueberries and three times more iron than spinach and they are jam-packed with other goodies such as omega 3 fats, zinc and selenium etc. [Read more…]

Don’t excuse..


How many of us lash out when in stress? I think we have all been there.

[Read more…]

Jam Tree for Brunc..


Another visit here I know but I love it:) And since the sun made an appearance (well more like invasion-it was far too hot), I thought why not take the opportunity to relax with some girlfriends over good food  and out in the garden with the sunshine. Jam Tree for brunch with the girls it was:)

[Read more…]

Afternoon of Frapp..

IMG_8293You got to love this road for all the mouth watering patisserie cafes and endless road of shops and more shops.


I threw on a pair of denims and a Banana Republic top I saw lurking around in my closet which I have neglected for a few months now, mainly because it was snowed under a pile of other tops and headed out to this side of the town. I am definitely due for a closet clear out that is for sure.


After spending time at the park with the little tot, I stopped off for a much needed chocolate fix of Java Chip Frappucino from Starbucks. This is actually one of my favourite Frappes on the menu. Felt like being naughty and opted to have it with cream! Yikes, I have been craving chocolate and cream 24-7 these days. That clique saying: ”a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips”, doesn’t seem to sink in these days. DANGEROUS!

Which are your favourite Frappes?


Double denim lovin


I love my denim attire, be it rainy, sunny, Autumn or Winter,  you can never go wrong with denim, and double denim is double the fun for me:)

[Read more…]

Loving my asos Fed..


A little browsing on Asos resulted in a tiny purchase, well I say tiny, but actually a few items made its way to the basket and couldn’t help but give them a home. My Asos Fedora hat was my favourite buy this time:) [Read more…]

Brigadeiro love:)

IMG_8163I tried these little treasure at my friends baby shower and fell in love with it. I probably ate five in one go! (Hiding my face with my hands Emoji expression). They are a Brazilian delicacy.

[Read more…]

Happy Eid 2015 to ..

IMG_8240Finally! that was probably the longest month I have ever experienced. Ramadan is over and I am all smiles! Yikes that sounds bad, but it was tough.

[Read more…]

Blushing at the si..


I was in search for a mid summer jacket, one that I can wear when its a little windy in Summer (British Summers are full of windy days) and at night during the Spring/Summer season which isn’t black in colour.

[Read more…]

Prawn Thai Soup, t..


I love all food Thai! Be it the Pad Thai, prawn curry or simply  fried calamari. So when I came across this reciepe on  The Londoner’s blog, I had to give it a shot! [Read more…]

It definitely feel..

imageShorts:Gap//Sandals: Jessica Simpson (Last year)//Belt:Armani//Tee:Gap

image_2Shorts:Gap//Shoes:Tory Burch//Belt:Max Mara//Bag:Paul Costelloe//Tee:Gap

You know its Summer when everyone is busting out their shortest of  shorts! It definitely feels like Summer has hit us right in the face:) Finally, let us hope the sunshine is here to stay for a while. With it being a  great mood lifter cure (well for me anyway), I could definitely do with it right now.

Head to Gap and stock up your cupboard with every kind of colour and design type you can think of! You name it, whether it’s a girlfriend, boyfriend, linen or just the basic, you will find the perfect pair, plus it comes in every colour under the sun. Sales are still on, but you better hurry before there is a shortfall in your size.

These two pictured here are from the Boyfriend type range.  I figured that since I don’t have a boyfriend, I may as well wear one:)

What are your favourite Summer items?



Throw back waistco..

photo 1

Who is a proud hoarder like me? I find it hard clearing out my wardrobe but it has got to be done from time to time. I get that itch to hold onto a few items that I think are quite classic and could see myself wearing again next season. [Read more…]

Full on Vegan snac..

photo (21)

Another food post! I was craving nachos the other day! Well actually during Ramadan, I crave all sorts of foods, but yesterday it was nachos in particular and so took it upon myself to put together this light snack. I say light snack, but it was more like my midnight feast/snack. For those Vegan eaters out there, this one is for you:)

[Read more…]

Three easy cheat s..

image (11)If you are anything like me and always have a jar of Nutella on stand by for when you want something sweet or need that bit of kick to get your energy levels back up or if you are simply just craving chocolate then these three cheat snacks are just what you need.

[Read more…]

A bit of Monochrom..

photo 5

I actually didn’t put much thought into this outfit at all. I was heading out on my way to my friends kids birthday bash-well 6 year old birthday party to be precise and it wasn’t until I asked my sister to take a few snaps did I think, actually, I quite like this outfit- The monochrome street style I would like to call it. [Read more…]

Best burger place ..

photo 2You all know by now my huge obsession with burgers! I have tried probably every place in London. As soon as a new place opens up, I am there! Patty and Bun is by far the best burger in town.

[Read more…]

The lobster roll i..

photo 2

If you are a fan of lobsters, be it the roll, burger or naked lobster, then  you will love the Smack Deli:) [Read more…]

And the award for ..

photo (19)

So far I have not come across a hair salon that gives me that wow blow dry look (apart from the salons in Egypt- they are a pro)! But I think I have finally found one in London that deserves a mention and rave about. Head to Duck and Dry for the best blow dry in town. [Read more…]

Apple and oaty fla..

photo (16)

You have probably figured it out by now that I lurvveeee flapjacks. Especially the way I make them as I make them super healthy, well  I OAT to say- I try to as much as possible. With this Apple and Oaty Flapjack receipe, I used sugar but you can substitute it with honey or agave syrup.  [Read more…]

A Vanessa Gounden ..


One word- MIND BLOWING! Ok so that’s two smarty pants’s! Vanessa Gouden’s collection is ultra fab, ultra chic, ultra wow and did I say ultra fab? Thanks PushPR for the invite:)

[Read more…]

Three- way eye lin..


I am a huge fan of black eye liners. A must make-up accessory for me! If I wear minimal make-up, I always include a top liner as part of my look. I have three-way eye liner look that you can easily incorporate into your beauty regimen. [Read more…]

Some Playland fun ..

IMG_7787I for one have never won anything, be it prize draws, competitions, you name it. But I thought, well let’s just play the fash n grab claw window game, ya never know when your luck may change. AND I WON! You basically tweet @Topshop #playland with the code and the first one to tweet it gets to control the crane and pick a prize:) Ok so it took me a good 10 goes or so but I finally won:) You had to have pretty quick reflexes to get in there first with your tweet and a bit of luck on your side thereafter is also needed as the egg containing your prize could crack on its journey once it has been picked and you lose your prize. there were bags, shoes and make-up to be won.

[Read more…]

Boy-arde these bag..


She started out as a ‘rear’ end artist:) and has now ventured out as a bag artist! (Although she still has a great affinity for her former love).  Her name; Boyarde- the great bag artistic designer. She really does add a touch of excitement to your bag through her fascination of the female form and its power in society. [Read more…]

I matcha love this..


Me and my love for latte’s just got serious! I am a hugeeeee fan of matcha latte. I am sure you have all heard about matcha and if you haven’t as of yet, listen up, this will change your life. [Read more…]

This burger is bea..

photo 4

When we all think of burgers we think fatty, greasy and indulge time #foodporn. But not this type of burger! Oh no, I am all about healthy eating! Although I do like to indulge in cakes/chocolate/tiramisu every now and again! [Read more…]

The lush Jam Tree

IMG_7695                          If you haven’t already been to Jam Tree then I would suggest that the next sunny day we get in London town, head here for a lunch/brunch. I warn you though, pre-book as the outdoor area can get quite busy. Heralded as the ‘in’ Sunday brunch place by the locals, I think it definitely lives up to its reputation.

[Read more…]

This makes air dry..

no blow dry

Who is lacking lusture, shine, radiance? An nope I am not referring to the face, I am talking about your locks. [Read more…]

Maria Bianca’..

IMG_7426                           I was invited to the private sale event on Maria Bianca’s kids clothes collection by my yummy friend blogger Sofia. I was so impressed by the collection I have to say. Her style is very chic and classic yet fun and cute. Maria Bianca should be in every kids closet I would say. Her collection is definitely something to get excited about [Read more…]

Day out in Brighto..

IMG_7637                          After  an hour and a half drive out of London, we arrived in sunny but windy Brighton. Well it was windy until about 3pmish. If you have never been here, now would be a great time as the Brighton festival is on:)

[Read more…]

Essentials for whe..

potty trainingThose dreaded two words..POTTY TRAINING!! I have not been looking forward to this and kept putting it off until I woke up one day and said, that is it! I am not having you in nappies again. Plus my little tot still loves being carried by me and nappies add a few pounds that my arms can do without, so this was another good reason to get motivated.

[Read more…]

Pleats worn in two..


I was window shopping in Massimo Dutti which lasted for what 5 minutes 🙂 I mean why do they have such a thing called ‘window shopping’, what a teaser, it doesn’t exist in my world. I cannot be teased with bags, shoes or clothes:) [Read more…]

Another fab Kensin..

b-34This time, it didn’t involve hot chocolate and mamas cradling babies or running after toddlers. This was a yummy mummy night out. Kids prohibited! My kinda night:)- Congrats to Kate Middleton on the birth of the gorgeous Princess Charlotte

[Read more…]

Shopping event was..

IMG_7589                    Seven Dials and St Martins Courtyard Spring shopping event was a lot of fun and we were blessed with a sunny day which made my day:) We roamed the streets of Covent Garden, dipping in and out of shops and stopped for lunch at Rossopomodoro for a spot of lunch.

[Read more…]

Nature is there to..

IMG_7383                   West London Mum hosted the Lookout in Hyde Park at the ISIS Education Centre which was filled with a number of activities for children and mums, well children and the parents supervised. Nature at the ISIS education centre:)

[Read more…]

Pecan encrusted Sa..


I stumbled across this receipe and had to share it with you guys because it looks delicious and different! You usually hear of salmon being dressed with herbs or maybe lemon but pecan nuts? That is a first for me:) Pecan encrusted salmon avec legumes:):) [Read more…]

The best hot choco..

Hot chocolate

You know this by now, my love for hot chocolate! I could and will never give this up! How different would my life be without hot chocolate? Mmmm moody, snappy, short… My name is Sarah and I am a chocolate addict.

[Read more…]

Meet the stylist a..


More on my visit to Cairo:) You got to love this city. This was the first time in ages I said to myself I could actually see myself spending longer than usual here. I am not sure why. Maybe this feeling stemmed from discussion I had with my friends living there telling me how much they love it. [Read more…]

My BFF’s wed..


How stressful can a wedding be? I would know having been down the aisle and walked right back up it 2 years later! An Egyptian wedding is always fun, beautiful and crazy, I think that pretty much sums it up nicely in three words. I should also add long also to the mix as they tend to finish in the early hours of the morning. [Read more…]

Brunching at Mike..

A little disappointing the sun didn’t make an appearance but I made the effort to still go out for brunch and not sit around in my PJs all day as tempting as that might sound. [Read more…]

cosmetics A La car..


We are all crazy about matching lipstick colours, eye shadows to our skin that often we forget about our foundation being the right match. How many of you have sat on the train and come across someone with totally the wrong colour foundation? I have more than a few times.  [Read more…]

It was a Gola nigh..

photo 3 (2)

A little gem I discovered on Fulham Road [Read more…]

Peanut butter and ..

photo 3

My of two favorite ingredients to make this yummy dish:) And two healthy ingredients so that’s a plus plus. Since making peanut butter cookies, I have become a huge fan of peanut butter now:). [Read more…]

The easiest Easter..

If you want to impress your impress your little one or even guests that are coming over for Easter and you don’t want something too sweet then here is your answer

Three ingredients is all you need and you can complete it with three easy steps.

Dark chocolate

Half a packet of pretzels

One pack of Easter eggs


1- Melt the chocolate until its liquid and mix the preztels in it until completely covered.

2- Place on a plate and shape into a birds nest

3-Add your eggs on top

See not that bad at all.

I would love to hear your Easter recipes below.

Happy Easter London


Spring is all abou..

photo 3

After being at the spectacular Matthew Williamson AW15 show, I have been completely inspired to fill my wardrobe with pretty prints:)

[Read more…]

How to get my pret..

photo 1 (1)

Flowers are blossoming, sunshine is making more of an appearance, sunshades are out (not quite the weather for sandals as of yet) and so I thought I would give myself a spring look using my shades of pink make up #fifty shades of pink.

How to get that Spring makeup look:)


Studio fix fluid NC30

Face Powder

Mac studio fix powder C30


Mac false lash


Mac- Dollymix pink blusher

Eye shadow

Urban Decay- Naked palette 3 (pink all over lids and purple used in the crease line).

Share with me your Spring make up looks below:) I would love to hear about it.



My favourite dish-..

photo 4

I am a huge meat lover so anything that contains  good old minced beef, has my vote:) [Read more…]

Love hearts obsess..

photo 2


As we enter Spring, I have traded my denim and over the knee boot attire for casual pants paired with loafers- having a bit of a love heart obsession:) [Read more…]

I say Oui to Soupe..


Who’s a soup lover like moi? Especially in the Winter months, there is nothing better than sipping on some hot soup avec crusty bread on a cold Winters day. I actually love soups all year round, even more so if they are filling and satisfies the apetite. [Read more…]

How to make perfec..


For those of you that crave eggs in the morning but instead wake up, grab a bowl, pour yourself some cereal, take 5 minutes to down it and rush off to work, then this post is for you:) It all boils down to using your time efficiently! [Read more…]

Night Night, light..

photo 2 (2)

As my little tot would say, night night! Gosh he is the worst sleeper! He still doesn’t sleep through the night! Yikes! [Read more…]

Blast from the pas..

photo 3

Do you all remember this little number? I had an exciting event to attend and it was pretty much short notice and didn’t have time to go parading and sifting through rails for the perfect outfit. Well actually of course I had time, you always make time for shopping but I saw this hanging in my closet and thought I would give it some love for a night out at the Dorchester

[Read more…]

Blown away by Matt..


I braved the cold with a mini and paired it up with black over the knees. At least my legs were warm:)  [Read more…]

Too cold to be par..


Brrrrr! London couldn’t you just be warm for LFW?? I like to wear a little less and be able to strut my stuff and it’s hard to do that if I am layering.

[Read more…]

You got to thai th..

photo 2 (2)

Thai this raw salad and this will be your regular lunch/dinner option forever:)

[Read more…]

London fashion wee..

photo 2

A bit of a lazy start of the day for me. I got to Somerset House for around 12 noon. Just couldn’t get myself out in the cold. I was told it would rain all day by my unreliable source (twin Shimah) lol and was carrying my big umbrella everywhere! [Read more…]

A Date with Hotel ..

photo 2 (2)

I had a great day despite it being Friday the 13th! Did anyone have a particularly bad day you would like to share with me? [Read more…]

Pancake recipe tha..

photo 1

Pancake day is around the corner, well tomorrow actually! So that is waking up an extra 15 minutes early to whip together this healthy pancake to start your day:) It is super filling and hardly calorific! I would wake up early everyday to make these yummies. I used coconut flour instead of plain flour so they are gluten-free:)  [Read more…]

Did someone say Va..

photo 4

Valentine’s Day! Who needs them? ‘It should be Valentines day very year” is what I hear every year among my friends. [Read more…]

When one chapter c..


I have never written anything like this before and after finishing this piece, I looked at my categories section and couldn’t quite find a suitable place for this blog post, so put it the closest category that best relates to this piece; mums and babies. [Read more…]

Perfect eyebrows a..


If you want to create the perfect eyes, then you got to first start with the eyebrows because I really do believe this is what shapes your face. Bad eye brows make a bad look, full stop, no matter how great the rest of your make-up looks.

Thanks Youunique for the 3D Fiber lashes and eye liner:) If you like the”fake” lash look effect then this is for you gals!

Here is the need to know.

First up:

1- Make up For ever  Aqua brow kit

I use Make Up For Ever liquid eyebrow with the precision brush. Squeeze a small dot on your wrist and dab your brush into it and shape the brow. Then fill in the gaps by brushing the applicator up and down.

2- Youunique 3D fibre lashes

This is their best selling product which boasts enhanced and magnified lashes. Read carefully for the 3-step method to beautiful long and full lashes.

-Apply one thin coat of your own regular mascara and allow to dry

-Apply one coat of the moodstruck transplanting gel and immediately follow with the moodstruck 3D natural fibres whilst the lashes are still wet

-Reapply the  moodstruck transplanting gel again

And MAGIC! you are left with full, magnified flirtatious looking lashes.

One downfall I found which I should point out is that the 3D natural fibres can flake off onto your skin and you can be left with small black dots on your skin. I am not sure of a way around that to be honest. But when applying, try not to apply too much on, just one thin coat.

Overall, it is a great product and should be incorporated into your ‘night out in the town’ make-up routine. I for one hate using false lashes because I just can’t master the perfection of applying the glue to lashes and hate that sticky finger sensation so if you are reading this thinking you are in the same boat then this moodstruck 3D fibre lashes are for you. It takes less than 5 minutes to apply, plus the other positive is that you don’t even need to use eye curlers:)  A win, win situation! A kick-ass winning mascara and über cute packaging don’t you think?

Check out my demonstration video on Instagram: MyCityMyLondon or click the instagram icon to the right.

Let me know what you all think once you have tried this fab product:) I would love to hear your reviews any application tips you can share with me:)




Coconut flour choc..

photo 2

Who says you cannot have chocolate the healthy way and for it to still be appetizing?This dense, moist cake is too amazing for words. One coconut flour chocolate mousse torte coming right up. [Read more…]

Kensington mums co..

photo 3 (2)

Did someone say coffee morning? I am totally there! [Read more…]

Bocketts Farm is b..

photo 1 (3)

Calling on all you yummy mummys to head over to Bocketts Farm for a serious day of fun-filled with animal feeding, pony rides, soft play and much more! [Read more…]

Grain free, nutty ..

photo 5

I am  a huge fan of toast, toast with eggs, toast with honey, toast with butter (yum), cheese toasties, you name it! I always strive for a healthier option and I stumbled across the recipe from Roise; The Londoner and found this great grain free nutty bread alternative which is high in protein, and healthy fats and low in carbs.

It tastes fab and perfect with a spread of butter or philadelphia. I just had to share it with you guys and it is so easy to make:)

The texture is a little different to bread but a little more moist and tastes nutty

All you need  to make a small loaf tin. For a normal sized loaf tin, I would double the ingredients.

photo 1

1/2 cup of almond flour (can substitute with 1/4 cup of coconut flour with almond flour)

1 cups of flaxseeds

4tbs of water

1teaspoon of baking powder

a pinch of salt

4 eggs


-Crack open your eggs and beat with the water

-Add your coconut oil and mix

-Mix the dry ingredients together and add to the eggs and mix thoroughly until evenly mixed

-Pop it in the oven at 180 degree Celsius for about 20-30 minutes

-Take it out and cool on a wire rack

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo (6)

It is best kept in a plastic bag, wrapped in the fridge or in a sealed box.

You can even toast and add your favourite topping to it, from cheese to marmite to avocado and cheese:)

I went for butter and philadelphia, my fav:) It is perfect for snacking.

Why is it good for you? Well, it is packed with

-Omega 3s essential fatty acids

-Vitamin E

-Lignans  (great antioxidant)

-Fibres (great to help you poop)

All of the above help fight cancer, helps reduce cardiovascular disease and is great for your hair, skin and nails:)

Is that enough reasons for you? Well get baking and tuck in.


My Friday night ma..


As the week is almost over, we get a sense of relief and an urge to go a bit wild, especially if we have been slaving away at our desks all week (not me) but I have been slaving away doing nappy changes, walks in  the park, dealing with tantrums, so actually everyday of the week feels like a Monday to me.

I have thrown together a number of beauty products that I use when I am having a night out in the town, although the eye make-up isn’t too much over the top so it could do for a night out at the movies as well.

Here goes for the Friday night make-up look.

First I start off with a good base cream- My fav Creme De La Mer moisturising cream. It’s so rich and creamy and rubs on smooth.

Then I pop on my foundation. I am loving the MAC Studio Sculpt right now. It gives me that gorgeous dewy look as well as giving me  good coverage. Followed by MAC prolong wear concealer. People have been asking me of the best concealers on the market and I have to say that this one is the best I have found so far. It doesn’t go on thick, gives great coverage and lasts all day. The trick is to apply some loose translucent powder over it to set it in place and voila, you have bright eyes, zero dark circle look all day.

I am feeling a bit of shimmer in my life right now, so I use Urban Decay Naked palette number 3 for some soft, subtle yet shimmery shades.  I sweep this over the eye lids and use it at the corner of the eyes and just under the lower lashes.

Brush on some NARS translucent loose powder  or MAC translucent powder to set the foundation for an all day make- up look.

For an overall bronze look, sweep over some Maybelline Dream  Sun bronzing powder just under the cheekbones and around your chin. I always like a bit of blush to give me that fresh look, so I sweep over MAC Desert Rose  on the apples of my cheeks.

Next,  some long wear eye liner to open up my eyes a little and Bobbie Brown do its best. Pair this up with YSL False Lash mascara in black. They aren’t labelled with the ‘best seller’ tag for nothing!

To finish off, either go for a pale lippy for a subtle look or fiery red colour if you want some ‘fatal attraction’ moments.

Happy Friday London!

Tune into next beauty blog post on Youunique products! If you are false lash crazy, then this is the post for you!

Raw nut loaf with ..


Raw nut loaf topped with pomegranate and cranberry chutney smothered in mushroom stroganoff  is delicious and a must try! I made this for Christmas dinner, sorry for the late post!

Raw, Raw, Raw, everyone is into it right now because of the great health benefits. Heat above 50 degrees Celsius can destroy the healthy vitamins and minerals in the food. So I attempted this dish inspired by Tanya’s Cafe. She has this on the menu (made the proper way using a dehydrator). I on the other hand didn’t have a dehydrator to hand so cooked the nut loaf at 100 degrees Celsius so it isn’t strictly raw.


Nut loaf


2 cups of mushrooms

2tbsp of soya sauce

2tbsp of olive oil

1 cup of almonds

1 cup of walnuts

1/2 tsbp of salt

3/4 tsp dried thyme and 3/4 tsp dried sage

dash of onion powder or a quarter of chopped onion

2 dates

1/2 red pepper chopped

1tsp of lemon juice

1 tbsp of soya sauce

2 stalks of celery chopped

1/4 cup sundried tomatoes

1/4 cup of parsley


1-Place mushroom and soya sauce with olive oil in an air tight container overnight

2-Grind the nuts with thyme, salt, sage and onion in a food processor until it’s a nutty butter mix


3-Add the pepper, lemon, dates and soya sauce and mix again and set aside

4-Remove mushrooms from container and mix it with the celery in the food processor, add this to the nut mixture you set aside and add the parsley.

5-knead together and place in oven proof containers. Either put in the oven at 100 degrees for about 3 hours with the door slightly opened  at 115 degrees in a dehydrator for 8 hours


6- Remove and let cool before you take out of container

Cranberry and pomegranate chutney


2 tsp of vegetable/olive oil

1 onion chopped

12 ounces of fresh cranberries

1cup of pomegranate juice or 1 cup of pomegranate seeds

1/2 cup dark brown sugar

salt and pepper


1-Heat oil in a saucepan and add the onion and stir until soft

2-Add the cranberries and pomegranate with the brown sugar and salt and pepper.

3- Allow to boil then simmer until the cranberries have opened up and burst (around 20 minutes).

4-remove from heat and allow to cool.

5-Place nut loaf on a plate and add chutney on top with a few leaves of green leaves.

Mushroom stroganoff


450g of mushroom capped and sliced

2 medium onions

25g butter

150mls of vegetable stock

1tsp of tomato puree

1/2 juice of lemon

1tsp of mustard

150mls of sour cream


1-Melt butter in a pan and add the onions and mushrooms and saute until soft

2- add the tomato puree, stock and mustard and simmer for 10 minutes

3-Remove from the heat and add the sour cream and lemon juice

4-Place around the nut loaf and add a few cranberries onto the mushroom stragnoff

It looks long winded but trust me it isn’t that bad and the effort pays off! It is a great healthy dish, gluten-free and low in carbs


The real deal moch..


Who else is a hugeeeeeee mocha fan out there? I lurveeee chocolate but sometimes I am in need of that extra caffeine kick but don’t quite want a latte so I opt for a mocha. [Read more…]

Model off duty: Ke..

kendall jenner helps cara delevingne mourn grandmother death 02


kendall jenner helps cara delevingne mourn grandmother death 25

Photos from Just jared jr.

Great casual model off- duty look from Kendall Jenner. You got to love this girl for how she has monopolised the modelling world. She has natural talent I think and looks awesome on camera. [Read more…]

Happy in my Zara P..


Trousers:Zara//Sandals:French Connection//Top: Zara//Bag: Chanel

Obsessed with my Zara plaid trousers!

These are super soft and comfy, trousers so perfect for lounging about it in, grabbing a coffee,a  movie date night in, you name it. Great Winter buy I would say. When you don’t want to be wearing  jeans or putting in the extra effort of wearing a skirt with tights! Of course with tights, you would be mad not to wear tights right now unless you don’t mind the ‘no toe feeling’ sensation.

It can be worn on converses, casual shoes or with strappy sandals for a night out:)

Grab your pair now in the Zara sale at a bargain £29.99. They are a fast seller trust me, when I brought them, there were only a few pairs left.

Zara never let’s me down. Head down to Zara and catch your plaid before it leaves you:)




The Berlin Wall, C..



You can’t go to Berlin without visiting the Berlin wall.

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Kurobuta I think j..


Nobu at a fraction of the price? [Read more…]

Some Jewish histor..


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Lots of Christmas ..


The first few words should have given the location away.

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Tips on how to cle..



So how many of you out there wash your make-up brushes and if you do, how often do you wash them? [Read more…]

Carb-free zucchini..


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A not so friendly ..


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Hanging out at The..

Well I must say Notting Hill  have great places to wine and dine. [Read more…]

Christmas fayre to..


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Who says you can&#..

photo (1)

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A side of hummus a..

h 1

A side of hummus always makes a good side dish I reckon, or even as a starter avec some pitta bread. [Read more…]

De-bloating smooth..

debloating smoothie

Need some rejuvenation and something to rid that stomach bloat? I have the perfect de-bloating smoothie to help with that. A creamy thick and healthy smoothie made from all yummy ingredients. [Read more…]

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cake 5

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5 uses for baby oi..


Baby oil is my best friend:) I literally use it for everything and thought I would share  with you my top 5 uses of baby oil. It is cheap, available everywhere and easy to use. [Read more…]

Who loves a splash..


With it being Cancer awareness month and all, wearing pink is a must in my books:) [Read more…]

Date night at Bar ..

Date night at Bar Boulid with the one and only yummy mummy, Rachel. Wuhooo.

IMG_3877  [Read more…]

A trip to Tanya..

I made a little detour from my usual chill out cafe places and made a trip to Tanya’s cafe:) A definite good choice it was.

IMG_6127 [Read more…]

This Black Zara ba..

This black Zara bag just does it for me! It is cute, small and trendy. I think that pretty much sums it up.

image_3 [Read more…]

Date and nut truff..

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you know what its like to have  ‘all things sweet’ binges. Now I try to binge on the ‘healthy’ sweet options. I came across this date and nut truffles recipe from Dania Tripani’s blog but made a few nibbly changes. For all you sweet toothers out there, here is a little sweet recipe that is sure to satisfy those naughty cravings. It is full of nuts and seeds giving us a rich source of omega-3s and minerals  and raw cacao for that added antioxidant boost. Plus it contains no refined sugar:)

Fact: Did you know that eating pumpkin seeds a few hours before you sleep, coupled with a small piece of fruit maybe especially beneficial in promoting melatonin and serotonin production, helping to promote a restful night sleep.


1/2 cup of ground Almonds

1 cup of dates

1/2 cup of pistachio nuts

2 tbs of sunflower seeds

2 tbs pumpkin seeds

2 tbs chia seeds

1 tbs honey

1/2 tbs of spirulina

1 tbs protein powder

1tbs coconut oil

1tbs raw cacao powder


1- Blend nuts and seeds in the blender

2-Add the remaining ingredients in the blender until a sticky dough is formed, add more coconut oil if needed

3- Roll into small balls

4-Place in the fridge for a few hours


The beauty of faci..


Not only do oils give you shiny locks but they also give you a more radiant and glowing skin complexion.

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Brunching at Arts ..


Judging by the  designer water bottle on offer, it is no wonder this place is strictly members only! [Read more…]

Beetroot flourless..


My fav thing in the whole world is chocolate! Especially dark chocolate. I will put chocolate in anything, and lurveeee Nutella spread on toast. [Read more…]

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